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This entry was published on 2021-11-05
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Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding
Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law (PML) CHAPTER 47-A

Section 201. Incorporation.

202. Restriction upon commencement of business.

202-a. Liability of the directors of a franchised corporation.

202-b. No debt of the state.

203. Right to hold race meetings and races.

204. Certificate of payment of stock.

205. License for running races and steeplechase meetings.

206. Franchise for running races and steeplechase meetings.

207. Board of directors of a franchised corporation.

208. Conditions of franchise award.

209. Examination of the books and accounts by the state


210. Franchise termination.

210-a. Relinquishment of franchise.

211. Fair association, when entitled to privileges.

212. Franchise oversight board.

213. Project labor agreements.

214. Acquisition of racing facilities.

216. Disposition of racing facilities or certain assets.

217. Revocation of licenses.

218. Stewards at race meetings.

219. Advertising or promotional material.

220. Licenses for participants and employees at race meetings.

220-a. Corporations continued.

221. New York Jockey Injury Compensation Fund, Inc.

221-a. Health insurance for jockeys.

221-b. Health insurance for trainers.

222. Notice to be posted upon grounds.

223. Special police officers.

224. Penalty for unlawful racing and betting.

225. Registration of race horses.

226. Increased or additional entrance fees.

228. Pension plans for backstretch employees.

229. Backstretch employees drug and alcohol rehabilitation


230. Membership in a national thoroughbred racing association.

231. Pari-mutuel betting on horse races legalized.

232. License to conduct pari-mutuel betting at race meetings

for running races or steeplechases.

233. Bond required of corporation conducting pari-mutuel


234. Place and manner of conducting pari-mutuel betting.

235. Rules for the conduct of pari-mutuel betting.

236. Disposition of pari-mutuel pools; percentage payable to

state as a tax; authority of counties or certain cities

to impose a tax.

237. Capital improvements.

238. Disposition of pari-mutuel pools of the franchised

corporation; percentage payable to state as a tax;

authority of counties or certain cities to impose a


239. Books and records of pari-mutuel betting.

240. Yearly audit.

241. Disposition of unpaid money due on account of pari-mutuel

tickets not presented.

242. Races for horses bred in the state.

243. Free or reduced fee passes, cards or badges.

244. Revocation of license or franchise.

245. Hearing on refusal or revocation of license or franchise.

246. Approval of plans of corporation.

247. Racing zones.

248. Racing season; allotment of dates for racing.

249. Pari-mutuel employees to be citizens and residents.

250. Power of commission to impose penalties.

251. Definitions.

252. New York state thoroughbred breeding and development


253. Powers of the fund.

254. Resources of fund.

255. Annual audit.

256. Annual report.

257. Actions against fund.