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This entry was published on 2021-11-05
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Quarter Horse Racing and Breeding
Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law (PML) CHAPTER 47-A

Section 401. General powers of commission.

402. Incorporation.

403. Filing of information concerning stock transfers; necessity

for commission approval.

404. Right to hold quarter horse race meetings and races.

405. Pari-mutuel betting at quarter horse races.

407. Licenses for quarter horse race meetings.

408. Officials at quarter horse race meetings.

409. Licenses for participants and employees at quarter horse

race meetings.

410. Power of commission to impose fines and penalties.

411. Refunds.

412. Special police officers.

413. Place and manner of conducting pari-mutuel betting.

414. Construction.

415. Bond required of corporation or association conducting

pari-mutuel betting.

416. Books and records of pari-mutuel betting.

417. Filing of certain agreements with commission.

418. Disposition of pari-mutuel pools.

419. Revocation of license.

420. Hearing of refusal or revocation of license.

421. Approval of plans of corporation or association.

422. Free or reduced fee passes, cards or badges.

423. County, town and agricultural fairs and quarter horse race

meetings not licensed to conduct pari-mutuel betting.

424. Employees at quarter horse race meetings.

425. Membership in a labor union or labor organization.

426. Disposition of unpaid money due on account of pari-mutuel

tickets not presented.

427. Penalties.

428. Construction.

429. Quarter horse racing defined.

430. Definitions.

431. New York state quarter horse breeding and development fund.

432. Powers of the fund.

433. Resources of fund.

434. Annual audit.

435. Annual report.

436. Actions against fund.