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Landlord and Tenant
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50

Landlord and Tenant
Section 220. Action for use and occupation.

221. Rent due on life leases recoverable.

222. When rent is apportionable.

223. Rights where property or lease is transferred.

223-a. Remedies of lessee when possession is not delivered.

223-b. Retaliation by landlord against tenant.

224. Attornment by tenant.

225. Notice of action adverse to possession of tenant.

226. Effect of renewal on sub-lease.

226-a. Effect of new lease on tenant's right to remove

fixtures or improvements.

226-b. Right to sublease or assign.

226-c. Notice of rent increase or non-renewal of residential


227. When tenant may surrender premises.

227-a. Termination of residential lease by senior citizens or

individuals with a disability moving to a residence

of a family member or entering certain health care

facilities, adult care facilities or housing


227-b. Termination of certain contracts by senior citizens.

227-c. Termination of residential lease by victims of

domestic violence.

227-d. Discrimination based on domestic violence status;


227-e. Landlord duty to mitigate damages.

227-f. Denial on the basis of involvement in prior disputes


228. Termination of tenancies at will or by sufferance, by


229. Liability of tenant holding over after giving notice

of intention to quit.

230. Right of tenants to form, join or participate in

tenants' groups.

231. Lease, when void; liability of landlord where premises

are occupied for unlawful purpose.

231-a. Sprinkler system notice in residential leases.

231-b. Flood history and risk notice in residential leases.

232. Duration of certain agreements in New York.

232-a. Notice to terminate monthly tenancy or tenancy from

month to month in the city of New York.

232-b. Notification to terminate monthly tenancy or tenancy

from month to month outside the city of New York.

232-c. Holding over by a tenant after expiration of a term

longer than one month; effect of acceptance of rent.

233. Manufactured home parks; duties, responsibilities.

233-a. Sale of manufactured home parks.

233-b. Manufactured home parks; rent increases.

233-b*2. Campgrounds.

234. Right to recover attorneys' fees in actions or summary

proceedings arising out of leases of residential


234-a. Unauthorized legal fees.

235. Wilful violations.

235-a. Tenant right to offset payments and entitlement to

damages in certain cases.

235-b. Warranty of habitability.

235-bb. Certificates of occupancy; required disclosure to


235-c. Unconscionable lease or clause.

235-d. Harassment.

235-e. Duty to provide written receipt.

235-f. Unlawful restrictions on occupancy.

235-g. Electronic billing and/or payment of rent.

235-h. Waiver of right to bring a declaratory judgment


235-i. Unreasonable tenant fees for reproductions of keys.

236. Assignment of lease of a deceased tenant.

236-a. Termination of lease of a deceased tenant.

237. Discrimination in leases with respect to bearing of


237-a. Discrimination against children in dwelling houses and

manufactured home parks.

238. Agreements or contracts for privileges to deal with

occupants of tenements, apartment houses or bungalow


238-a. Limitation on fees.