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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Local medical plans: professional directors
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 5, TITLE 11
§ 365-b. Local medical plans: professional directors. 1. A local
social services medical plan shall be developed and maintained by each
social services district under the guidance or direction of a
professional director. Such plan shall conform to the regulations of the
department and shall be submitted to the department and the state
department of health for review, certification and approval pursuant to
the regulations of the department and this title.

2. The commissioner of social services of each social services
district shall appoint a person, possessing the qualifications
established by the public health and health planning council and
promulgated by the department pursuant to section three hundred
sixty-four of this title, to serve on a full or part-time basis. Each
professional director shall serve under the general direction of the
commissioner of social services and shall have the responsibility for
supervising the program of medical assistance for needy persons in his
social services district, pursuant to the regulations of the department.
The state commissioner of health may authorize two or more social
services districts to appoint the same person to serve as professional
director in each of such districts.

3. In addition to any other duty or responsibility which may be
assigned or delegated pursuant to law or regulation, each professional
director shall be responsible for monitoring the professional
activities, directly related to the program, of providers practicing in
his social services district, and shall take all steps required or
authorized by law or regulation to ensure that such activities are in
compliance with the provisions of this chapter, the public health law
and regulations promulgated thereunder, and do not violate the
provisions of section sixty-five hundred nine of the education law or
regulations promulgated pursuant thereto.

4. For purposes of this section "provider" shall mean any person
receiving payment under this title.