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This entry was published on 2023-05-12
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Assistance and Care
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55

Title 1. General provisions (§§ 131--152-d).

2. State reimbursement for public assistance and care

(§§ 153--153-k).

3. Home relief (§§ 157-165).

4. Veteran assistance (§§ 168-178).

5. Public institutional care for adults (§§ 193-202).

6. Additional state payments for eligible aged, blind and

disabled persons (§§ 207-212).

7. Services for the aged, blind or disabled (§§ 250-259).

8. Emergency assistance for aged, blind and disabled persons

(§§ 300-309).

9-A. Equipment loan fund for the disabled (§§326-a--326-b).

9-B. Public assistance employment programs (§§ 330-342-a).

10. Aid to dependent children (§§ 343-360).

11. Medical assistance for needy persons (§§ 363-369).

11-B. Health insurance continuation program for persons with AIDS.

(§§ 369-k--369-n).

11-C. Medicaid drug utilization review (§§ 369-aa--369-dd).

11-D. Family health plus program (§ 369-gg-369-hh).

12. Community centers and services for senior citizens

(§§ 370--370-b).

12-A. Supports and services for youth suffering from adverse

childhood experiences (§ 370-c).

13. State heating fuel crisis assistance (§ 370-aa).