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General Provisions
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 5

Section 131. Assistance, care and services to be given.

131-a. Monthly grants and allowances of public assistance.

131-aa. Monthly statistical reports.

131-aaa. Availability of adverse childhood experiences services.

131-b. Fees for services.

131-bb. Family homelessness and eviction prevention supplement


131-c. Inclusion of parents and siblings of a minor in the

public assistance household.

131-d. Substance abuse rehabilitative and preventive services.

131-e. Family planning services.

131-f. Retroactive social security benefit increases.

131-g. Authority to accept public and private gifts.

131-h. Authority to operate family homes for adults.

131-i. Social services districts; agreements.

131-i*2. Family loan program.

131-j. Certain utility deposits.

131-k. Undocumented noncitizens.

131-l. Exclusion of agent orange benefits.

131-m. Information on resource referral services.

131-n. Exemption of income and resources.

131-o. Personal allowances accounts.

131-p. Group health insurance benefits; condition of


131-q. Electronic payment file transfer system pilot project.

131-r. Liability for reimbursement of public assistance


131-s. Payments made for utility service for recipients of

public assistance benefits, supplemental security

income benefits or additional state payments.

131-ss. Automated identification of OTDA assistance program


131-t. Periodic reporting.

131-u. Domestic violence services.

131-v. Temporary emergency shelter.

131-w. Limitations in the payment of rent arrears.

131-x. Reverse mortgage loans.

131-z. Child assistance program.

131-zz. Child poverty reduction.

132. Investigation of applications.

132-a. Children born out of wedlock; special provisions.

133. Temporary preinvestigation emergency needs assistance

or care.

133-a. Contracts for distribution of public assistance grants.

134. Supervision.

134-a. Conduct of investigation.

134-b. Front end detection system.

134-c. Requirement to publicly post information.

135. Cooperation of public welfare officials.

136. Protection of public welfare records.

136-a. Information from state tax commission and the


137. Exemption from levy and execution.

137-a. Exemption of earnings of recipients from assignment,

income execution and installment payment order.

138-a. Responsibility of the department for recipients in

family care.

139-a. Special provisions to avoid abuse of assistance and


141. Burial of the dead.

142. Exclusiveness of eligibility requirements.

142-a. Federal economic opportunity act grants or payments;

effect on eligibility for certain public assistance

or care.

142-b. Federal manpower development training act and

elementary and secondary education act grants or

payments; effect on eligibility for certain public

assistance or care.

143. Information to be given by employers of labor to social

services officials, the department, family court and

the state department of mental hygiene.

143-a. Information to be given to public welfare officials by

retail instalment sellers, small loan companies and

sales finance companies.

143-b. Avoidance of abuses in connection with rent checks.

143-c. Avoidance of abuses in connection with rent security


144. Power of public welfare officials and service officers

to administer oaths; power of public welfare

officials to subpoena persons liable for support and

compel production of records.

144-a. Information to be given to officials of the department

and of social services districts.

145. Penalties.

145-a. Judgment liens.

145-b. False statements; actions for treble damages.

145-c. Sanctions.

146. Penalty for the sale or exchange of assistance


147. Misuse of food stamps, food stamp program coupons,

authorization cards and electronic access devices.

148. Penalty for unlawfully bringing a needy person into a

public welfare district.

149. Penalty for bringing a needy person into the state.

150. Penalty for neglect to report or for making false


151. Penalties for cashing public assistance checks or

accepting electronic benefit transfers from public

assistance recipients.

152. Payments to the New York public welfare association;

attendance at conventions of public welfare


152-a. Burial reserves for certain recipients of public

assistance or care from assigned assets.

152-b. Surplus after recovery of cost of public assistance and

care; unclaimed funds.

152-c. Menstrual products.

152-d. Replacement of stolen public assistance.