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This entry was published on 2015-08-21
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License to board children
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6, TITLE 1
§ 377. License to board children. 1. Application for a license to
receive, board or keep any child shall be made in writing to the
commissioner of social services in and for the social services district
wherein the premises to be licensed are located, in the form and manner
prescribed by the office of children and family services. The office
shall require that an applicant set forth: his or her employment
history, provide personal and employment references and sign a sworn
statement indicating whether, to the best of his or her knowledge, he or
she has ever been convicted of a crime in this state or any other
jurisdiction. In accordance with the regulations of the office of
children and family services, in addition to the requirements set forth
in subdivision two of section three hundred seventy-eight-a of this
title and paragraph (a) of subdivision one of section four hundred
twenty-four-a of this article, such commissioner of social services
shall review information available in the statewide automated child
welfare information system to determine whether the applicant previously
held such a license, or a certificate or approval as a foster parent,
and, if so, whether such license, certificate or approval was revoked,
not renewed, or a foster child was removed from his or her home for
health or safety reasons and shall consider such information in
determining whether a license should be issued to such applicant. Not
until all inquiries are completed and evaluated shall the commissioner
of social services cause such license to be issued.

2. Before any such license shall be issued an authorized agent or
employee of the social services district shall visit and inspect the
premises for which such license is requested, make such further inquiry
and investigation as may be required to ascertain compliance with
applicable requirements.

3. If it appears from such inquiry and investigation that the
applicant maintains a home suitable for the care of children in
accordance with the regulations of the department, the commissioner of
social services shall cause such license to be issued in such manner as
the department may provide.

4. The commissioner of social services, issuing or renewing any such
license, shall in accordance with the directions of the department,
transmit a copy or report thereof to the department.