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Care and Protection of Children
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6

Section 371. Definitions.

371-a. Procedure.

371-b. Citizen review panels.

372. Records and reports.

372-b. Adoption services.

372-c. Putative father registry.

372-d. Adoption services; purchase by department.

372-e. Adoption applications; appeals.

372-f. Statewide adoption service.

372-g. Abandoned infant protection program.

372-h. Reporting on post adoption services.

373. Religious faith.

373-a. Medical histories.

374. Authority to place out or board out children.

374-a. Interstate compact on the placement of children.

374-b. Authority to operate agency boarding home.

374-c. Authority to operate group homes.

374-d. Authority to operate public institutions for children.

374-e. Authority to place out or board out children with

therapeutic foster parents.

374-f. Authority to enter into leases for dwelling units.

375. Requirement of certificate or license to board


376. Certificate to board children and/or minors under age

of eighteen years.

377. License to board children.

378. Form, duration and limitation of certificates and


378-a. Access to conviction records by authorized agencies.

379. Revocation of certificates and licenses.

380. Boarding and free homes; records.

381. Maternity homes; records and reports.

382. Responsibility for children without state residence;

license and board.

383. Care and custody of children.

383-a. Immunity from liability for application of the

reasonable and prudent parent standard.

383-b. Medical treatment for abused, neglected and destitute

children; consent of commissioners.

383-c. Guardianship and custody of children in foster care.

384. Guardianship and custody of children not in foster


384-a. Transfer of care and custody of children.

384-b. Guardianship and custody of destitute or dependent

children; commitment by court order; modification of

commitment and restoration of parental rights.

384-c. Notice in certain proceedings to fathers of children

born out-of-wedlock.

385. Orders; prohibiting placing out or boarding out;


386. Visitation; inspection and supervision.

387. Ineligibility for public foster care funds; fiscal


388. Special charters.

389. Penalty for violations.

390. Child day care; license or registration required.

390-a. Standards and training for child day care.

390-b. Criminal history review and background clearances of

child care providers, generally.

390-c. Notice of pesticide applications.

390-c*2. Additional powers and duties of the office of children

and family services.

390-d. Requiring barriers to be placed around swimming pools

and bodies of water on the grounds of family day care

homes or group family day care homes.

390-e. Criminal history review; mentoring programs.

390-f. Report on child care insurance.

390-g. Pesticide alternatives.

390-h. Notice requirement before closing certain day care


390-i. Notice of inspection report.

390-j. Performance summary card in a city having a population

of one million or more.

390-k. Child care availability taskforce.

390-l. Securing of furniture.

390-m. Window coverings.

391. Violation; injunction.

392. Services for relative caregivers.

393. Court review of placement in a qualified residential

treatment program.

393*2. Consideration of blindness during guardianship, custody

or adoption proceedings.