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This entry was published on 2021-12-31
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State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56

Section 135. Separate specifications for contract work for the


135-a. Definitions.

136. Contracts in pursuance of appropriations.

136-a. Contracts for architectural, engineering, geological,

landscape architecture and surveying services.

136-b. Selection of underwriters by state agencies.

136-c. Contracts for employee training and organizational

development services.

136-d. Contracts involving industrial painting and industrial


136-d*2. Contracts involving low embodied carbon concrete.

137. Bond to secure payment of certain claims arising from a

public improvement; enforcement.

138. State contracts not to be assigned without consent.

138-a. Commencement of actions on state public works


139. Retained percentages.

139-a. Ground for cancellation of contract by state.

139-b. Disqualification to contract with state.

139-c. Removal of disqualification of public contractors by


139-d. Statement of non-collusion in bids to the state.

139-e. Security bonds; municipal projects.

139-f. Payment on public work projects.

139-g. Obligations to make contracts available to small and

certified women and minority-owned business concerns.

139-h. Participation in an international boycott prohibited.

139-i. Obligations with respect to procurement contracts with

New York state and foreign business enterprises.

139-j. Restrictions on contacts during the procurement


139-k. Disclosure of contacts and responsibility of offerers.

139-l. Statement on sexual harassment, in bids.

140. Disposition of deposit accompanying bid.

141. Claims against contractors.

142. Workmen's compensation insurance on public works.

143. Deposits on plans and specifications for contracts for

public work.

144. Opening and reading of bids for contracts for public

work; criminal conspiracies.

145. Acceptance of final payment under a state contract.

146. Certain construction contracts involving steel.

147. Mentor-protege program.

148. Certain contracts involving personal protective

equipment and medical supplies.