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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Appointment, qualifications, compensation and tenure of directors
Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWC) CHAPTER 9-B, ARTICLE 2
§ 7. Appointment, qualifications, compensation and tenure of
directors. The two members from the county board shall be appointed
annually. The other members shall serve for terms of three years each,
except that the first three appointed shall be designated to serve for
terms of one, two and three years respectively. A director shall hold
office until his successor has been appointed and has qualified.
Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term. The selection of
successors to fill an unexpired term or for a full term shall be
according to the manner in which the respective retiring directors shall
have been selected.

Any director may be removed by the county board upon acceptable proof
presented by the district board, the county board or by the state
committee upon notice and hearing for neglect of duty, continued absence
from meetings, failure to perform accepted assignments or malfeasance in
office and for no other reason.

The compensation of the members of the governing body of the district,
for performing services as directors of the district shall be fixed by
the county board for each calendar day they are actually engaged in the
performance of their duties, and mileage in going and returning from
places where they are required to go in the performance of their duties,
provided funds are made available by the county board for this purpose.