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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Taxation of costs and disbursements
Uniform District Court Act (UDC) CHAPTER 565, ARTICLE 19
§ 1907. Taxation of costs and disbursements.

Costs, together with fees paid to the clerk and the fee for issuing
execution to the enforcement officer, must be taxed by the clerk
forthwith upon rendition of judgment and inserted therein. Upon issuing
a transcript the clerk shall include therein the prospective fees of the
county clerk and sheriff. Other taxable disbursements shall be taxed by
the clerk on two days' notice to be given by the party entitled thereto
to the adverse party. The clerk shall also tax costs allowed by an
appellate court and shall enter all items of costs and disbursements in
the docket book. All disbursements taxable on notice must be verified by
affidavit. The clerk must examine all items presented to him for
taxation and, before allowing any disbursements, must be satisfied that
the items were necessarily incurred or that the services for which they
are charged were necessarily performed.