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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Disbursements allowable
Uniform District Court Act (UDC) CHAPTER 565, ARTICLE 19
§ 1908. Disbursements allowable.

Except where the contrary is specifically provided by law, a party to
whom costs are awarded, or a prevailing party who has appeared in
person, shall be allowed his necessary disbursements as follows:

(a) All fees paid to the clerk or an enforcement officer, including
jury fees, and the reasonable expense of serving process where service
is made by other than an enforcement officer.

(b) The legal fees of witnesses.

(c) The legal fees paid for a certified copy of a deposition or other
paper recorded or filed in any public office, necessarily used or
obtained for use on the trial.

(d) The reasonable compensation of commissioners for taking

(e) Prospective charges for filing a transcript with the county clerk
and the sheriff's fees for receiving and returning an execution.

(f) Such other reasonable and necessary expenses as are taxable
pursuant to the provisions of CPLR § 8301.