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State Insurance Fund
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67

State Insurance Fund.
Section 76. Creation of state fund.

77. Administration.

78. Salaries and expenses.

79. Meetings.

80. Seal.

81. Offices, lands, leaseholds and buildings.

82. Powers and duties.

83. Rules.

84. General attorney.

85. Commissioner of taxation and finance custodian of fund.

86. Catastrophe surplus and reserves for workers'


86-a. Catastrophe surplus and reserves for disability benefits.

87. Investment of surplus or reserve.

87-a. Investment in obligations of the municipal assistance

corporation for the city of New York; indemnification.

87-b. Investments in obligations of the city of Yonkers;


87-bb. Investments in obligations of the city of Yonkers;

indemnification (1984).

87-c. Investments in obligations of designated public benefit

corporations; indemnifications.

87-d. Contractual obligations as evidence of indebtedness upon

reimbursement of reserves.

87-e. Amortization of gains or losses.

87-f. Appropriations to the state insurance fund.

87-g. Advances to the urban development corporation.

87-h. Investments of the state insurance fund.

87-i. New York state insurance fund MWBE asset management and

financial institution strategy.

88. Administration expenses.

88*2. Administration expenses.

88-a. Payments from special or administrative funds.

88-b. Coverage of employees in state-supported educational


88-c. Coverage of state employees.

89. Rates for workers' compensation.

90. Dividends.

91. Groups for accident prevention.

92. Payment of premiums.

93. Collection of premium in case of default.

94. Withdrawal from fund.

95. Record and audit of payrolls.

96. Penalties for fraudulent practices.

97. Inspections.

98. Disclosures prohibited.

99. Reports of state insurance fund.

100. Insurance against liability to volunteer firefighters and

ambulance workers.