Senator Persaud Enhances Protection For Seniors

          (Brooklyn, NY. June 13, 2016) Senator Roxanne J. Persaud (D) 19th Senate District wins senate passage of bill (S6963) to help protect seniors from financial exploitation.  Persaud  says, “We need to shield our elders as much as possible from scams and schemes.  It is important to arm our seniors with the financial education and literacy necessary to assist in making better decisions and help them protect their resources from financial exploitation.” 

New York State has existing elder laws.  However, Persaud’s bill includes new resources to help combat financial swindles of the 21st  Century.  According to  Persaud,  scams are becoming more and more deceitful and sophisticated.  Cons and tricks are designed to lure seniors into traps that strip them of their assets. 

The bill to amend New York State elder law provides tips on money management, applying for benefits and raising awareness of the myriad of rip-offs used by predators to separate elders from their money.  Senator Persaud says, “ The people who prey on seniors don’t discriminate.  They take from the vulnerable elderly who have little to nothing just as they take from those who are well off”.    

According to Persaud, the bill adds an essential layer of protection for all seniors. She credits the bill co-sponsor, Leroy Comrie (D) 14th Senate District and other senate colleagues for the senate victory.   The bill has been delivered to the NYS Assembly, when passed it will go to the governor.  


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