Wendy Genao

Wendy Genao was born and raised in Washington Heights. She attended Mercy College, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts, and later, a Master’s degree in Special Education. Ms. Genao went to work for the Department of Education as a special education teacher, giving her all in order to help the children of her community. With the goal of helping the underserved, she moved on to a social work position with the Department of Human Resources.

From a young age, Ms. Genao worked in her father’s 40-year-old business, Dyckman Car Services. An economic pillar in Washington Heights, the business has provided jobs to many families. It was there that Ms. Genao first learned more about her community and the many needs of its residents, and it was there that she became determined to contribute to the betterment of that community.

Ms. Genao has become a voice for her community, dedicating her life to fighting for the rights of others and to helping in any way she is able. Whether she is assisting her neighbors in finding employment, or teaching people about their rights through workshops and events, she is tireless in her efforts.

Ms. Genao believes that progress and improvement in any community and its people starts with education. Her goal is to continue her hard work so that others can achieve their dreams.

Ms. Genao is the proud daughter of two Dominican immigrants and the proud mother of two sons.