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Governor Hochul’s Bloated Executive Budget Proposal Provides No Real Relief For Taxpayers

Albany, NY - In response to a fiscally irresponsible state budget proposal that continues uncontrolled state spending, New York State Senator Rhoads and members of the Republican Conference today unveiled their vision to provide relief and create “A More Affordable New York.” This is one of several impactful initiatives being proposed as part of the conference’s Rescue New York Agenda. While Governor Hochul and her Democratic allies in the Legislature continue ignoring everyday New Yorkers with their same old tax and spend routine, the Senate Republican Conference is putting forward real solutions to help the middle class and build a stronger economy statewide.

“With inflation raging, Governor Hochul continues to push radical policies that make New York less affordable to live, work, grow a business, and raise a family. It’s no mystery why New Yorkers are fleeing. Democrats are poised to continue the familiar pattern of reckless spending and high taxes designed to punish Long Islanders and suburban residents and businesses across this state. That’s why I was happy to work with my Senate Republican colleagues to come up with an actionable plan that makes New York more affordable for middle-class families. Our plan includes eliminating costly unfunded mandates that drive up local property taxes, protecting small businesses and promoting organic business growth, repealing Congestion Pricing, and providing relief from heating cost during these upcoming cold winter months. Taxpayers deserve to have their voices heard and the Senate Republican “More Affordable New York” initiative will put money back into their pockets and help make our state affordable once again,” said Senator Steven D. Rhoads. 

The Republican Conference specifically called out several Executive Budget proposals that would exacerbate New York State’s lack of affordability:

  1. Eliminating enhanced Medicaid payments to local governments, which would create enormous pressure to increase local property taxes;
  2. Increasing unemployment insurance taxes on already struggling small businesses and farms;
  3. Further increasing payroll taxes in the MTA region;
  4. Siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars in state money into New York City to pay for the settlement of illegal immigrants.


In contrast, the Senate Republicans’ “A More Affordable New York” initiative will put money back into the pockets of taxpayers and make our state affordable once again as families continue to struggle with rising costs due to record high inflation:

  1. Eliminating costly unfunded mandates that drive up local property taxes;
  2. Protecting businesses from unemployment insurance tax hikes by creating an Unemployment Insurance Solvency Reserve Fund and repealing the interest assessment surcharge, which is the assessment on businesses to pay back the UI Trust Fund’s deficit;
  3. Repealing Congestion Pricing;
  4. Providing relief from heating costs geared toward the middle class