Resource: Senator Helming Supports Improving Scholastic Access to Mental Health Care

Senator Helming

Senator Helming participating in a Children's Mental Health Roundtable with local health systems, schools, counties and community partners.

Download the attached resource to help advocate for key legislation focused on Children's Mental Health

S.6080 - Establishes a process by which schools can implement telehealth school-based mental health clinics and creates the student mental telehealth reimbursement fund to reimburse schools for associated costs.

S.4463 - Grants diagnosing privileges to current and future mental health counselors, family therapists, and psychoanalysts who complete necessary training. This will allow families greater access to much needed services and ensure that conditions are diagnosed, and treatment begins, as soon as possible.

S.8150 - Opens opportunities to recruit mental health counselors to New York State by reducing onerous regulations on licensed counselors from other states who want to practice in New York.

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