Senator Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick's Woman of Distinction 2024: Ali Artz

Senator Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick Women of Distinction Statement 5-16-24

Albany, NY – “It was my distinct honor to honor Ali Artz, owner of The Ambience Salon in Hewlett, as my New York State Senate 2024 Woman of Distinction. Not only is Ali a dedicated member of her community and a successful small business owner, but her contributions and commitment to excellence have made a significant impact on the clients she serves. Ambiance Salon proudly hosts Mondays at Racine Cancer Care events, offering free, customized salon services to men and women undergoing cancer treatments one Monday every month. I witnessed firsthand the profound impact and joy this initiative brings to her clients, providing comfort and support to those who need it most and giving back to our community in a heartfelt way. Congratulations Ali and all the 2024 Women of Distinction Honorees!”, said Senator Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick, Senate District 9