Senator Venditto Visits Family & Children’s Association “Walkabout” Home for Young Men and Women in Freeport

July 18, 2016 - Senator Michael Venditto (R-C-I, Massapequa) recently visited the “Walkabout” Home for young men and women operated by Family & Children’s Association. The “Walkabout” Home is located in Freeport and provides housing and services for young men and women between the ages of 16-20 in order to prepare them for living independently in the community.

Residence in the program is voluntary. Residents are expected to fulfill the guidelines of the program and actively plan for either living independently in the community or returning home to their family. “Walkabout” for Young Men and Women does not discriminate based on race, creed or national origin.

“What Family & Children’s Association is doing for these kids is truly inspiring. They are helping to make sure that these young adults are given every opportunity to achieve success, live independently, and receive the best care and guidance in order to become proactive members of our community.” Said Senator Venditto.

"We are thrilled that Senator Venditto took the time to visit “Walkabout” and talk with our young people about the program, their future plans and his role in the NYS Senate. The NYS Senate has historically supported FCA's housing programs for runaway and homeless youth and we look forward to continuing a partnership that has helped thousands of at-risk youth pave a path to independence." Said Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, President / CEO of Family & Children’s Association.