Senator Alcantara named Senate Labor Committee Chair

Senator Alcntara

January 10, 2017

Albany, NY — Senator Marisol Alcantara (D-Manhattan) was appointed on Tuesday as the chairwoman of the State Senate’s Labor Committee, a top leadership post in the legislature.

She brings with her a breadth of knowledge on labor issues. She served as a union organizer for SEIU 32BJ and, most recently, as an organizer for the New York State’s Nurses Association. She received a Master’s degree in Labor relations from the CUNY Murphy Institute of Labor. A daughter of transit workers, she is a member of the Steel Workers union.

“Most of our lives are spent at work, and New Yorkers deserve to be treated fairly and with respect by their employers. As such, I take the chairwomanship of the Labor Committee as a solemn responsibility to which I will bring strong values forged over a lifetime of working within the labor movement. A strong labor movement is a necessity in these challenging times of inequality and social fragmentation, and I am committed to helping revitalize organized labor for the 21st century,” said Senator Marisol Alcantara.

The Senate’s Labor Committee will have the opportunity to discuss major policy proposals like “No Worker Left Behind” which seeks to enhance wages beyond $15 for direct care workers and protect car wash workers from exploitation by making them eligible for the minimum wage.

Senator Marisol Alcantara will also serve as a member of the Higher Education, Infrastructure, Cultural Affairs, and Social Services Committees.

She looks forward to discussing various proposals in each committee, like College Affordability for All, a push to expand eligibility for the Tuition Assistance Program to more students, regardless of immigration status; creating the Home Stability Support program to stave off homelessness by funding more affordable housing; and helping low-income seniors.