Statement from Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I – 57th District) and ProtectNYKids Founder Gary Greenberg on Senate Democrats’ Refusal to Pass the Child Victims’ Fund Legislation

 Statement from Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I-57th District)

“It is tragic that New York State Senate Democrats are turning their backs on child sexual abuse victims by refusing to pass the Child Victims’ Fund bill – the only measure that would compensate EVERY courageous survivor impacted by this horrific crime and completely remove the criminal statute of limitations.

Instead, Senator Hoylman and his colleagues are holding out for an inferior measure, which would offer justice only to the small minority of victims whose abusers were employed by institutions such as churches and schools. The vast majority of child sexual abuse would be left with NOTHING under this bill.  

Apparently playing politics is a higher priority for Senator Hoylman and his colleagues than actually providing ALL victims with the compensation they need to fully recover and rebuild their lives.”

 Statement from Gary Greenberg, Child Sexual Abuse Survivor and Founder of ProtectNYKids.

“Today, I learned that New York State Senate Democrats will vote as a block against Senator Young’s bill to benefit all victims of child sexual abuse in NYS.

This move by the Democrats is pure political grandstanding. The Democrats for years have accused the Republicans of doing exactly the same thing.

Senator Young's bill is a path to move forward the conversation in getting a law passed now. All parties, including Governor Cuomo, must engage in negotiations to pass a law.

There are 150 kids a day being sexually abused in New York and we must take action to protect these kids.

Victims cannot even afford therapy and are engaging in dangerous and self- destructive behavior.