Town of Mansfield Slated to Receive $300,000 State Grant

MANSFIELD – A $300,000 state grant secured by Senator Cathy Young (R,C,I-57th District) in last year’s budget is on its way to the Town of Mansfield for construction of a salt barn to protect a nearby trout stream. 

“Mansfield is a small community of 800 residents. This grant will allow them to build a barn to prevent salt from impacting the trout stream while protecting taxpayers from an added burden,” Senator Young said.

The Senator stated that securing the funding was a priority because the Mansfield Highway Department provides vital services to the community.

“There is nothing more important than protecting the safety of my constituents,” Senator Young said. “Mansfield and the surrounding communities depend on the highway department to do its job and they need and deserve the right equipment and facilities to complete their mission.”

Mansfield Supervisor Robert Keis said Senator Young looks out for her constituents no matter how small their community.

Mr. Keis said even though Mansfield is a small community, its department of public works is responsible for keeping 54 miles of road clear of snow and ice in the winter.

“We appreciate everything Senator Young has done for us. This is just proof of how much Cathy cares about her constituents,” he said. “This is a huge thing for a small municipality like Mansfield to be able to build a salt barn like this. It will protect the environment while keeping local taxes as low as possible.”

“Building this salt barn is something we have needed to do for a while, but it just wasn’t economically feasible,” he said. “It is tremendous that Senator Young was able to help us with this project. We can’t thank her enough.”