Senator Young Secures $125,000 for Town of Ripley

RIPLEY – The Town of Ripley’s road maintenance and public safety efforts will benefit from a $125,000 grant secured by Senator Cathy Young (R,C,I-57th District) in the 2018-19 state budget that will help pay to construct a salt barn.

“Keeping roadways safe and passable throughout the winter is a top priority for western New York communities. A key part of that effort involves significant investments in road salt,” said Senator Young.

“This barn will protect the town’s road salt supply from the elements and prevent salt from seeping into a nearby stream, due to rain and exposure to the elements.  Rural communities like Ripley simply don’t have the resources or the tax base to finance projects like this on their own.”

Ripley Town Supervisor Doug Bowen said the town has been trying to find money for a salt barn for years.

“We couldn’t afford a salt barn without help from Senator Young,” Mr. Bowen said. “I want to thank Senator Young. This grant will allow us to build a salt barn while keeping costs to a minimum for our residents.”

Ripley Highway Superintendent Jim Spacht said the town has needed a salt barn to protect its highway salt for years, but could not afford to build one.

“I really appreciate Senator Young being able to help us out with this,” Mr. Spacht said. “We were getting a lot of salt that was leaching out of the pile, which would then get into a creek which drains into Lake Erie. We had to do something.”

Mr. Spacht said the majority of Ripley’s budget is devoted to maintaining its roads.

Senator Young said securing money to help Ripley was a priority.

“This salt barn will protect the environment, eliminate the loss of road salt due to rain and help the Town of Ripley Highway Department work more efficiently,” Senator Young said. “The Highway Department provides vital services to Ripley and surrounding communities and they need proper facilities and equipment to complete their mission.”