Griffo announces Nuisance Call Act signed into law

New York State Senate Deputy Minority Leader Joseph Griffo, R-I-C-Rome, announced today that legislation he supported that will help to fight against unwanted telemarketing calls has been signed into law.

The legislation (S4777), known as the Nuisance Call Act, requires that telemarketers making live sales calls inform customers that they may request that their number be added to the seller's entity specific do-not-call list. If the person opts to do so, the call must immediately end and the telemarketer must add the person's number to their do-not-call list.

Telemarketers also would be prohibited from sharing a customer’s contact information with any other person, corporation or entity unless the telemarketer has obtained the customer’s consent in writing. 

The legislation takes effect in 90 days.

“Bothersome, troublesome and inconvenient telemarketing calls at all hours of the day have become a major nuisance for many New Yorkers,” Deputy Minority Leader Griffo said. “I am hopeful that this bill will help to alleviate the amount of unwanted telemarketing calls residents throughout the state receive on a daily basis.”

During his time in the Senate, Deputy Minority Leader Griffo has taken several steps to address unwanted telemarketing and robocalls.

Earlier this year, he introduced a bill (S06018) requiring telecommunications companies provide free call mitigation technology to their customers in order to stop fraudulent "spoofing" calls. Companies failing to do so would face a $25,000 per day fine as a result of the bill, which is in the state Senate’s Energy and Telecommunications Committee.

Additionally, Deputy Minority Leader Griffo has sponsored legislation that would nearly double the fine applied to those who violate the Do Not call Registry.

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