Julia Salazar Convenes First Meeting of Women’s Issues Committee in Albany

Albany, NY — State Senator Julia Salazar convened the first meeting of the Women’s Issues Committee of the NY State Senate today, reporting several important bills to the Senate floor.

This is the first time in history that a full committee in the State Senate is devoted to women’s issues. The bills that passed through committee are:

S.748 (Montgomery)  a bill to provide an exemption from jury duty for breastfeeding women.

S.1819 (Rivera) a bill to study and address the issue of maternal mortality.

S.2888 (Salazar) a bill to require that cesarean section patients be informed of the risks of the procedure.

S.3125 (Biaggi) a bill to provide feminine hygiene products in charter schools.

It is a new day in Albany, and Senator Salazar is excited to lead our state towards comprehensive  equity for women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and classes. She is committed to fighting patriarchy and pushing back the frontiers of what our movement can accomplish in the ongoing fight to fully realize women’s liberation.