Senator Salazar Pledges $3.5 Million for Women's Pavilion Rennovation

To facilitate the relocation of the Women’s Health Pavilion from 8-300, 7-300 will undergo a full renovation in order to provide all of the services rendered in its current location. The Women’s Health Pavilion provides many essential services including, but not limited to, routine and high risk prenatal care, general gynecological care, postpartum care, family planning / reproductive services, free pregnancy testing, genetic counseling, fertility and reproductive services, fetal assessment services, sexual transmitted infection testing and treatment (male and female) women’s options services, a preconception clinic, social services, staff dietitian support services, financial counseling services, maternal care services, and breastfeeding classes.

State Senator Julia Salazar said, “Women’s health needs to be prioritized more in our hospitals. It is my honor to bring this grant funding to Woodhull as they lead the fight to improve maternal health outcomes, and to provide resources and care for our families. Across the country, maternal mortality rates are almost three times higher for Black mothers than they are for others, and centers such as the forthcoming Women’s Pavilion at Woodhull Hospital will help to lower these rates and racial disparities. Our goal is to ensure that every member of our community regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference will have access to resources that will help to promote good health in our communities. While it is my hope and commitment that we will eventually enact single-payer universal healthcare for all New Yorkers, we must do everything we can right now to improve health outcomes. I am thrilled to support Woodhull in this endeavor, just as Woodhull has been supporting our communities for decades.”