Senate Passes Senator Persaud's Legislation on School Bus Street Parking, Unlawful Gas Meter Installation

On June 3, the Senate passed Bill S1084A, which prohibits school buses (operated by or under contract with the Board of Education) parking on New York City streets on weekdays between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. and on weekends at 5 p.m. on Friday until 5 a.m. on Monday. 

"It is becoming exceedingly difficult for home owners and tenants to find street parking, partly because too often spots are being occupied by school buses. By prohibiting school bus parking outside of school hours, which leaves the responsibility of housing these vehicles to the Board of Education, we alleviate this widespread concern. Thank you to my colleagues in the Senate for helping me pass this necessary, fair piece of legislation."

The Senate also passed Bill S1054A, which makes unlawfully installing a gas meter a class B misdemeanor. A gas meter is unlawfully installed when any person installs it other than a person acting on behalf of a utility corporation subject to the jurisdiction of the public service commission, unless they have a permit from the appropriate permitting authority to do so. When installed lawfully, the meters and gas lines are subject to regulations to prevent accident or injury; whereas unlawfully installed systems often use non-standard materials such as plastic flex piping which is less expensive but also unsafe. A person would also be guilty if they are the owner of the premises where the meter is unlawfully installed and knows or reasonably should know such is happening.

"Without proper inspections, gas meters installed unlawfully not only allow theft of services from gas companies but also place citizens at risk of accident or injury. This legislation keeps New Yorkers safer by rightfully holding accountable any person involved in this illegal action, and I commend my colleagues in the Senate for helping me get it passed."