Susan Serino

December 22, 2022

HYDE PARK, NY— State lawmakers today returned to Albany to gift themselves a massive pay increase ahead of the holiday season. Senator Sue Serino, who voted ‘no’ on the legislation that authorized a $32,000 pay raise for Senators and Assemblymembers, released the following statement at the conclusion of the special session:

“As residents across the state are struggling to make ends meet, I cannot think of a more selfish reason for lawmakers to have returned to Albany today than to grant themselves a pay raise ahead of the holiday season. Out of touch politicians are reaching their greedy hands into people’s pockets at a time when there’s nothing more to take. It’s not right.

Every lawmaker who voted for this raise should be ashamed, and the voters must remember the complete disregard that those representatives have shown them and hold them accountable during the Session ahead.”

The bill will increase lawmakers’ base pay from $110,000 to $142,000 and will make New York legislators the highest paid lawmakers in the country. Senator Serino and her colleagues did introduce an amendment to the bill, which would have enacted a state spending cap, reduced income taxes by indexing them to inflation, increased child tax credits, reduced taxes on seniors’ pensions and addressed unemployment insurance costs. All members of the Senate’s Supermajority voted against this amendment, which would have provided significant relief to struggling New Yorkers.

“When given the chance to do right by those they serve, these lawmakers instead took a page right out of Scrooge’s book, choosing to only take care of themselves,” Senator Serino continued. “To vote for a pay raise while opposing critical relief for vulnerable New Yorkers is truly a slap in the face.”

Senator Serino has vocally opposed a raise for lawmakers throughout her time in office.

New York lawmakers also receive per diems and travel reimbursements for each trip they make to Albany, adding to the tab taxpayers will be picking up for today’s return trip to the Capitol. Senator Serino is one of few legislators who has refused to accept per diems or travel reimbursements throughout her time in office.