Senate Internet and Technology Committee Advances Senator Gonzalez’s Secure Our Data Act

Kristen Gonzalez

February 28, 2023

For Immediate Release:
February 28th, 2023
Press Contact: Dan Kaminsky, Director of Communications

Senate Internet and Technology Committee Advances Senator Gonzalez’s Secure Our Data Act 

NEW YORK -- Today, the Secure Our Data Act (S.5007), sponsored by Committee Chair Kristen Gonzalez (SD 59-D/WFP), passed the Senate Internet and Technology Committee. This legislation would prepare and protect New York state entities against ransomware attacks by:

  • requiring the Office of Information and Technology Services to develop data protection standards for state agencies; 
  • requiring state entities to engage in regular vulnerability testing of its information systems; 
  • requiring each state entity to create an inventory of its information systems; and 
  • requiring each state entity to develop an incident response plan for ransomware and other malware attacks. 

Senator Gonzalez said, "New Yorkers should never have to fear that their personal information is at risk because they have interacted with a state agency. Government agencies store and maintain our personal information yet are not adequately prepared to protect that information against ransomware attacks. Recent attacks in Suffolk County and on the One Brooklyn hospital group are just the latest examples that we are underprepared against online threats and must strengthen the systems that store our information. I am proud to sponsor legislation to protect our personal information and ensure we are ready for future attacks, and I remain committed to bolstering our cybersecurity.”