Senator Rhoads Statement on the Governor signing the Clean Slate bill

The NYS Senate Seal

“The governor yet again continues to favor policies that put criminals before law abiding citizens. The ‘Clean Slate’ bill was signed by the governor today, which would hide the records of those convicted of manslaughter, armed robbery, hate crimes, some terrorism offenses, domestic violence, animal abuse, and arson – to name only a few.

I do believe in second chances. But wiping away a criminal’s record clean is not a way to give them that chance. Instead, we should be working with them to provide rehabilitation services back into society.

We are seeing chaos and lawlessness in our communities without repercussions. Radical Albany politicians continued pandering to criminals is a snub to those who are victims of their crimes. I will not stand for it and will continue to vehemently defend our communities and put victims and law-abiding citizens first before criminals.”