Pass The Campus Antisemitism Act


Albany, NY - State Senator Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick joined her Republican colleagues in the Senate and Assembly to continue the fight against antisemitism on our college campuses. 

Opposing antisemitism is more than a moral duty, it is a critical step in protecting the safety and dignity of all students. As a proud representative of many Jewish constituents, I am deeply disturbed by the recent surge in blatant antisemitism on our college campuses. The increase in antisemitic incidents within higher education institutions is not just concerning, it is outright dangerous. 

Some campuses have unfortunately become breeding grounds for antisemitic behavior, where hateful rhetoric escalates to physical violence. It is clear that many administrations are not effectively addressing this surge and, at times, are failing to appropriately address faculty who promote such behavior. Taxpayer money from New York State residents should not support educational institutions that allow such rampant hatred to persist on their campuses. It is crucial that our actions and words consistently demonstrate our staunch opposition to hate, and I remain committed to advocating for an environment where Jewish students feel genuinely welcome on all college and university campuses. said Senator Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick, 9th Senate District

Today, I joined my Republican colleagues in the Senate and Assembly to continue the fight against antisemitism and pro-Hamas protests on our college campuses. Hate and antisemitism have no place in New York. Period. I am proud to stand against hate in all of its forms, which is why I am proud to sponsor the Combating Campus Antisemitism Act (A.8399/S.7752). This legislation would prohibit the granting of tuition assistance to any student who knowingly engaged in antisemitic activities. We must stand strong together in order to combat antisemitism and stop the infiltration of hate into our communities.