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Bill would create charge for aggravated assault leading to serious injury or death

Albany, NY — The New York State Senate passed “Ildefonso Romero, Jr.’s Law,” sponsored by State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) on Wednesday. The law  would create a new felony charge for an aggravated assault that results in serious injury or death.

New York State could see $3.7 billion in tax revenue once loophole is closed

Albany, NY— State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) introduced legislation on Wednesday to close the “carried interest” loophole that allows fund managers to avoid paying the appropriate tax rate on their work product.

assembly Bill A9628

2015-2016 Legislative Session

Relates to notification of rights of victims of domestic violence in criminal and family court proceedings

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May 03, 2016 referred to judiciary
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passed assembly
Apr 07, 2016 advanced to third reading cal.493
Apr 05, 2016 reported
Mar 22, 2016 referred to judiciary



A9628 - Details

Law Section:
Family Court Act
Laws Affected:
Amd §812, Fam Ct Act; amd §530.11, CP L

A9628 - Summary

Relates to notification of rights of victims of domestic violence in criminal and family court proceedings.

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                    S T A T E   O F   N E W   Y O R K


                          I N  A S S E M B L Y

                             March 22, 2016

Introduced  by  M. of A. WEINSTEIN -- (at request of the Office of Court
  Administration) -- read once and referred to the Committee on  Judici-

AN  ACT to amend the family court act and the criminal procedure law, in
  relation to notification of rights of victims of domestic violence  in
  criminal and family court proceedings


  Section 1. Subdivision 5 of section 812 of the family  court  act,  as
amended  by  chapter  224  of  the  laws  of 1994, is amended to read as
  5. Notice. Every police officer, peace officer  or  district  attorney
investigating  a  family  offense  under  this  article shall advise the
victim of the availability of a shelter or other services in the  commu-
nity,  and shall immediately give the victim written notice of the legal
rights and remedies available to a victim of a family offense under  the
relevant  provisions  of  THIS  ACT AND the criminal procedure law[, the
family court act and the domestic relations law]. Such notice  shall  be
available,  AT  MINIMUM,  in  PLAIN  English [and], Spanish, CHINESE AND
RUSSIAN and, if necessary, shall be delivered orally and  shall  include
but  not be limited to THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN the following state-
  ["If you are the victim of domestic violence, you may request that the
officer assist in providing for your safety and that of  your  children,
including  providing  information  on how to obtain a temporary order of
protection. You may also request that the officer assist you in  obtain-
ing  your  essential  personal  effects  and locating and taking you, or
assist in making arrangement to take you, and your children  to  a  safe
place within such officer's jurisdiction, including but not limited to a
domestic violence program, a family member's or a friend's residence, or
a  similar place of safety. When the officer's jurisdiction is more than
a single county, you may ask the officer to take you  or  make  arrange-
ments  to  take you and your children to a place of safety in the county
where the incident occurred. If you or your  children  are  in  need  of

 EXPLANATION--Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                      [ ] is old law to be omitted.


Mourning the death of Charles Joseph Hebert III, Superintendent of Cooperstown Central School

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LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION mourning the death of Clifton Joseph Hebert III,
Superintendent of Cooperstown Central School

WHEREAS, It is the custom of this Legislative Body to honor the life and
accomplishments of individuals whose enduring commitment and dedication
significantly enhanced the quality of education in their community; and
WHEREAS, With deep regret this Legislative Body records the untimely
passing of Clifton Joseph Hebert III, Superintendent of Cooperstown
Central School, on Sunday, March 20, 2016, at the age of 51; and
WHEREAS, The American public school system is a treasured institution;
those who work to improve our schools and ensure that all children have
access to quality educational programs merit the highest commendation of
this Legislative Body; and
WHEREAS, Born on December 6, 1964, to Clifton Joseph Hebert, Jr. and
the former Doreen Draper, Clifton Joseph Hebert III, affectionately
known as C. J., was raised in Natural Bridge, New York, in Jefferson
County, and graduated from Carthage High School; after graduating, he
earned his Bachelor's degree in Secondary English Education from the
State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego and his Master's degree in
Curriculum Development from SUNY Albany; and
WHEREAS, In 1994, C. J. Hebert III married his wife, the former Tammy
Humphrey, in Hopedale, Labrador; united in their passion for education,
Tammy and C. J. made significant and lasting impacts in a number of
school districts; and
WHEREAS, Superintendent C. J. Hebert III's purposeful life and endeav-
ors were unerringly directed to teaching and advising the youth of his
community; and
WHEREAS, C. J. Hebert III began his illustrious career in education as
an English Teacher at Corinth High School, in Saratoga County; in 1998,
he was promoted to the role of Principal before taking a similar posi-
tion in Hudson Falls, in nearby Washington County from 2002-2010; and
WHEREAS, On July 1, 2010, C. J. Hebert III assumed the esteemed posi-
tion of Superintendent of Cooperstown Central School, a district
comprised of 1,150 students; and
WHEREAS, Beyond any of his titles, anyone who knew C. J. Hebert III
would say his career in education was distinguished by his strong work
ethic, leadership, civic responsibility, and unwavering commitment to
tasks both big and small; he showed equal measures of enthusiasm, cheer-
ing on sports teams and music concerts as he did passing school budgets;
WHEREAS, Throughout his tenure, Superintendent, C. J. Hebert III
focused on the bigger picture from a K-12 perspective and how the
district communicates with both public and private entities; and
WHEREAS, A resident of Richmondville, New York, and an avid outdoors-
man, C. J. Hebert III enjoyed hunting and fishing and took great joy in
riding his ATV throughout the countryside; and
WHEREAS, Along with his parents, C. J. Hebert III is survived by his
wife, Tammy; his son, Clifton Joseph IV; his stepdaughter, Christina;
his stepson, Christopher (Heather); and his two brothers, James (Lori)
and Troy (Pam); and
WHEREAS, C. J. Hebert III continually demonstrated an impressive dedi-
cation, an unparalleled devotion and an unremitting enthusiasm for the
quality of the educational programs and opportunities offered in Coop-
erstown Central School for the benefit of its faculty and students, as
well as for the entire community; he truly left a legacy to the resi-
dents of Cooperstown and to future generations of its students; now,
therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to pay
tribute to Superintendent Clifton Joseph Hebert III, to mourn his death,
and to acknowledge the significance of his contributions to education in
the Village of Cooperstown and the State of New York; and be it further
RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to the family of Clifton Joseph Hebert III.


  • 22 / Mar / 2016

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