02 Jun 2009

Public Hearing: Standing Committee on Ethics

NYS Capitol, Room 124

11:30 AM to 02:30 PM

Notice of Public Hearing

New York State Senate Standing Committee on Ethics

John Sampson


Senator George Onorato                                                            Senator Hugh T. Farley

Senator Suzi Oppenheimer                                                      Senator Owen H. Johnson

                                                                                             Senator Andrew J. Lanza


SUBJECT: To address a number of proposals to reform the state’s ethics laws.


Tuesday, June2


Room 124 State Capitol

Albany, NY 12247


The goal of the series of hearings is to open the legislative process to the public, listen to comments and ideas about proposed ethics reform bills at hearings in New York City (May 28), Buffalo (May 29) and Albany (June 2).



This dialogue between lawmakers and the public is part of the Senate’s commitment to a robust committee process, developing sound public policy through open dialogue and creating transparency in legislative procedure.

We are seeking public comment on the following bills, full text is available at NYSenate Markup:


TBD (Squadron) Commission on Governmental Ethics: creates a nine-member commission to oversee the executive and legislative branches of government.


TBD (Squadron) Disclosure by Public Officials: requires legislators to disclose business relationships, creates a new income disclosure category and requires random audits of financial disclosure statements by entity that oversees legislative ethics.


S744A (Krueger): “Pay-to-Play” Limits and Disclosure of Lobbyist-Legislator Business Relationships, lowers contributions of lobbyists and firms that receive state contracts per election to and requires lobbyists to disclose campaign contributions, business relationships with public officials and family members.


S743A (Krueger): Campaign Account Personal-Use and Disposal Restrictions, restricts campaign fund expenditures for personal use and prescribes disposal of campaign funds.


Persons who wish to attend or testify at any of the hearings should call Ben Brodsky at 212-298-5540, and fill out and return the attached reply form via fax at least two days prior to the hearing date. The Ethics Committee will accommodate as many witnesses as possible, and encourages the submission of written testimony, which will considered and made part of the hearing record. Written testimony should be e-mailed no later than two days prior to the hearing as an attachment in any common format to: bbrodsky@senate.state.ny.us.

Witnesses are requested to keep their oral testimony to no more than five minutes in length and to bring 10 copies of their prepared statement to the hearing.

In order to meet the needs of those who may have a disability, the New York State Senate has made its facilities and services available to all individuals with disabilities. Accommodations will be provided for individuals with disabilities upon reasonable request to afford such individuals access and admission to Senate facilities and activities.

Questions about this hearing may be directed to Ben Brodsky at 212- 298-5540.

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