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This entry was published on 2023-12-01
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Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8


7501. Effect of arbitration agreement.

7502. Applications to the court; venue; statutes of limitation;

provisional remedies.

(a) Applications to the court; venue.

(b) Limitation of time.

(c) Provisional remedies.

7503. Application to compel or stay arbitration; stay of action;

notice of intention to arbitrate.

(a) Application to compel arbitration; stay of action.

(b) Application to stay arbitration.

(c) Notice of intention to arbitrate.

7504. Court appointment of arbitrator.

7505. Powers of arbitrator.

7506. Hearing.

(a) Oath of arbitrator.

(b) Time and place.

(c) Evidence.

(d) Representation by attorney.

(e) Determination by majority.

(f) Waiver.

7507. Award; form; time; delivery.

7508. Award by confession.

(a) When available.

(b) Time of award.

(c) Person or agency making award.

7509. Modification of award by arbitrator.

7510. Confirmation of award.

7510-a. Confirmation of award for public sector arbitrations.

7511. Vacating or modifying award.

(a) When application made.

(b) Grounds for vacating.

(c) Grounds for modifying.

(d) Rehearing.

(e) Confirmation.

7512. Death or incompetency of a party.

7513. Fees and expenses.

7514. Judgment on an award.

(a) Entry.

(b) Judgment-roll.

7515. Mandatory arbitration clauses; prohibited.

(a) Definitions.

(b) (i) Prohibition.

(ii) Exceptions.

(iii) Mandatory arbitration clause null and void.


7516. Confirmation of an award based on a consumer credit