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State Teachers' Retirement System For Public School Teachers
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1

Section 501. Definitions.

502. Retirement system.

503. Membership of system.

504. Retirement board; members; terms of office; vacancies.

505. Election of the active teacher members of the board.

505-a. Election of retired teacher member of board.

506. Board meetings; oaths of office; quorum; expenses.

507. Officers of board; custody of funds.

508. Investment of funds; interest; accounts; reports.

508-a. New York state teachers' retirement system MWBE asset

management and financial institution strategy.

509. Statements of teachers' service; determination of service

creditable; service certificates.

510. Superannuation retirement.

511. Disability retirement.

511-a. Special service retirement.

512. Withdrawal and death benefits.

512-a. Deferred retirement.

512-b. Loans.

513. Optional allowances.

514. Benefits to participants in old retirement fund.

515. Funds enumerated.

516. Annuity savings fund; contributions and payments.

517. Annuity reserve fund; pension accumulation fund.

518. Pension reserve fund.

518-a. Supplemental retirement allowance fund.

519. Expense fund.

520. Duties of employer.

521. Collection of contributions.

522. Transfer of contributions between retirement systems.

523. State supervision.

524. Exemption from taxation and execution.

525. Protection against fraud.

526. Merger of local teachers' retirement and pension systems

with the state system.


528. Pensions-providing-for-increased-take-home-pay.

529. Pensions providing for increased take home pay for

certain teachers.

530. Pensions-providing-for-increased-take-home-pay-for-teachers.

531. Abandonment of unclaimed contributions or other benefits;

transfer to the pension accumulation fund.

532. Supplemental retirement allowance.

532-a. Cost-of-living adjustment.

533. Non-contributory retirement plan.

535. Career retirement plan.

536. Deductions from benefits of certain retired members.

537. Lump sum payment of de minimis service retirement


538. Excess benefit plan.

539. Certain actions by retiring members.