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New York State Thruway Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 2

Section 350. Short title.

351. Definitions.

352. New York State thruway authority.

353. Purposes of the authority and benefits therefrom.

354. Powers of the authority.

355. Officers and employees; transfer, promotion and


356. Thruway sections and connections; assuming jurisdiction.

356-a. Names and designations of thruway sections and


356-b. Thruway to be designated as a section of a national

network of Blue Star memorial highways.

357. Right of authority to use state property; payment for


357-a. State Police - payment for services.

357-b. Sharing employees, services and resources.

357-c. Indemnification and defense under shared services


358. Acquisition of real property by the commissioner.

358-a. Acquisition of real property by the authority.

359. Construction, reconstruction and improvement.

359-a. Procurement contracts.

360. Operation and maintenance.

361. Traffic control.

361-a. Restriction and regulation of advertising devices.

361-b. Jurisdiction in certain suits against the authority.

361-c. Tourist information facilities.

361-d. Agreement with the office of parks, recreation and

historic preservation.

362. Assistance by state officers, departments, boards,

divisions and commissions.

363. Annual report.

364. Deposit and investment of moneys of the authority.

365. Notes or bonds of the authority.

366. Guaranty by the state.

367. State's right to require redemption of bonds.

368. Remedies of noteholders and bondholders.

369. Liability of state.

370. Notes and bonds legal investments for public officers and


371. Tax exemption.

372. Tax covenant.

373. Agreement of the state.

374. Title not affected if in part unconstitutional.

375. Inconsistent provisions in other acts superseded.

376. Further additional powers of the authority.

377. Provision for servicing state vehicles with petroleum,


378. Specially priced commuter tickets.

378-a. Emergency service permits.

379. Further additional powers of the authority to finance

certain repayment obligations of the state in

connection with the purchase of real property for

highway purposes.

380. Further additional powers of the authority to finance

certain local highway and bridge improvements and

payments to the authority.

381. Further additional powers of the authority.

384. Additional powers of the authority to undertake and

finance certain transportation projects.

385. Additional powers of the authority to issue special

dedicated highway and bridge trust fund bonds.

386. Additional powers of the authority to issue special rail

and aviation transportation bonds.

386-a. Financing of metropolitan transportation authority (MTA)

transportation facilities.

386-b. Financing of peace bridge and transportation capital


387. Fees for searches and copies of accident and accident

reconstruction reports.

388. Limitation on powers of the authority.

389. Information concerning services for human trafficking

victims in facilities at service areas.