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This entry was published on 2023-10-27
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Section 611. New York taxable income of a resident individual.

612. New York adjusted gross income of a resident


613. New York deduction of a resident individual.

614. New York standard deduction of a resident individual.

615. New York itemized deduction of a resident individual.

616. New York exemptions of a resident individual.

617. Resident partners and shareholders of S corporations.

617-a. Residents; special provisions.

618. New York taxable income of a resident estate or trust.

619. Share of a resident estate, trust or beneficiary in New

York fiduciary adjustment.

620. Credit for income tax of another state.

620-A. Credit against separate tax.

621. Credits to trust beneficiary receiving accumulation


624. Computation of separate tax on the ordinary income

portion of lump sum distributions received by

resident individuals, estates and trusts.

625. Gift for fish and wildlife management.

625-a. Gifts to food banks.

626. The United States Olympic Committee/Lake Placid Olympic

Training Center Fund.

626-a. Gift for home delivered meals for seniors.

627. Gift for breast cancer research and education.

627-a. Gift for honor and remembrance of veterans.

627-b. Gift for assisting homeless veterans.

627-c. Gift for New York state veterans' homes.

628. Gift for missing and exploited children clearinghouse


629-a. Gift for eliminating the stigma relating to mental


629-b. Gift for substance use disorder education and recovery.

630. Gift for prostate and testicular cancer research and


630-a. Gift for World Trade Center memorial foundation.

630-b. Gift for volunteer firefighting and volunteer emergency

services fund.

630-c. Gift for New York state teen health education fund.

630-d. Gift for women's cancers education and prevention.

630-d*2. Gift for autism awareness and research.

630-e. Gift to the love your library fund.

630-f. Gift for organ and tissue donation outreach and


630-f*2. Gift for ALS research and education.

630-f*3. Gift for school-based health centers.

630-f*4. Gift for lupus education and prevention.

630-f*5. Gift for military families.

630-f*6. Gift for city university of New York.

630-g. Gift for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma research,

education and treatment.

630-g*2. Gift for the William B. Hoyt Memorial children and

family trust fund.

630-g*3. Gift to the arts fund.

630-h. New York state campaign finance fund check-off.

630-i. Gifts for the state library system.

630-i*2. Gift for the firearm violence research fund.

630-i*3. Gifts for thoroughbred aftercare.

630-j. Gifts for standardbred aftercare.

630-k. Gift for Lyme and tick-borne diseases education,

research and prevention.

630-l. Gift for diabetes research and education.

630-l*2. Gift for cure childhood cancer research fund.