Town of Macedon Awarded $4.5 Million from NY Forward Program

Pamela Helming

February 20, 2024

Press Release from NYS Senator Pam Helming

On February 20, Governor Hochul announced that the Town of Macedon has been awarded $4.5 million in state funding from the NY Forward program to revitalize its downtown area and pursue new opportunities for growth.

Senator Pam Helming said, “I’m thrilled to see another 54th District community selected for this state investment. Supervisor Kim Leonard and her team have done amazing work to improve the Route 31 corridor, attract new businesses, expand access to healthcare, and position the town for additional growth. Macedon has all the ingredients for success – livability, proximity to Rochester and the Thruway, the Erie Canal driving tourism and recreation, investment by major employers like Baldwin Richardson Foods and ABX Packaging, and small businesses fueling the local economy. I am proud to support the town’s efforts and look forward to Macedon’s bright future.”

Macedon Town Supervisor Kim V. Leonard said, “As Supervisor on behalf of the Town of Macedon, we are so honored and proud to be chosen for the $4.5M NY Forward Program Award. Governor Hochul’s announcement of the NY Forward Program is a perfect fit for our Town. The definition of her program to 'invigorate and enliven downtowns in New York’s smaller and rural communities' is the catalyst Macedon has been striving for. The Town of Macedon has been through many challenges, but we have persevered and understand the importance of ‘Unity’ in the word Community.”

The Town of Macedon’s “Historic Hamlet Business District” encompasses the Town’s public parks and major employers, and utilizes the Erie Canal and adjoining Empire State Trail as an alternative transportation corridor. The Town’s application views the NY Forward award as an opportunity to further connect this area to new housing, businesses, restaurants, tourist attractions and community services. Projects identified will support adaptive re-use and rehabilitation; promote infill development; expand housing and small business opportunities; improve public spaces; and enhance streetscapes to increase walkability and interconnectivity.