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Trustees For Insolvent and Imprisoned Debtors
Debtor & Creditor (DCD) CHAPTER 12

Trustees for Insolvent and Imprisoned Debtors
Section 160. Trustees for creditors.

161. Sole trustee.

162. Two or more trustees.

163. Death of trustee; survivor or successor.

164. Trustees' oath.

165. Vesting of property in trustees.

166. Powers of trustees.

167. Notice to debtors, bailees and creditors.

168. Power to sue notwithstanding notice.

169. Forfeiture for failure to comply with notice.

170. Warrant on withholding account or property.

171. Examination of person arrested.

172. Imprisonment for contumacy.

173. No discharge for defects of form.

174. Penalties for connivance at escape.

175. Effect of answers on examination.

176. Reward to informers.

177. Reference of disputed claims.

178. Application for appointment of referee.

179. Appointment of referee.

180. Entry of order of reference.

181. Powers, duties and compensation of referees.

182. Filing and effect of referees' report.

183. Commission to take testimony out of county.

184. Sale of property and accounts of trustees.

185. Meeting of creditors and notice thereof.

186. Proceedings at creditors' meetings.

187. Payment of disbursements and commissions of trustees.

188. Preferred debts.

189. Distribution of moneys.

190. Preference of debts owing by debtor as trustee.

191. Payment of debts before maturity.

192. Set-off of mutual debts or credits.

193. No set-off in certain cases.

194. Provision for pending actions.

194-a. Provision for contingent or unliquidated liabilities.

195. Penalties recovered.

196. Subsequent dividends.

197. Provision for neglectful creditors.

198. Unclaimed dividends.

199. Disposition of surplus.

200. Allowance to debtor.

201. Accounting by trustees.

202. Trustees subject to order of court.

203. Appointment of substitute trustee.

204. Application by trustee for leave to renounce.

205. Account upon application.

206. Verification of account.

207. Order to show cause.

208. Publication of notice.

209. Hearing.

210. Order permitting renunciation.

211. Assignment by renouncing trustee.

212. Effect of assignment.

213. Order for discharge of trustee from trust.

214. Effect of order.

215. Recording order and filing papers.

216. Payment of expense of renunciation.

217. New trustee in place of one absent.

218. Powers and duties of new trustee.