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Indian Schools
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 6

Section 4101. Duties of commissioner regarding Indian children.

4102. Rights of Indians and of state shall be guarded.

4103. Indian children not entitled to free tuition in public


4104. Employment of teachers, salaries, et cetera.

4105. Required attendance upon instruction.

4106. Duties of persons in parental relation to Indian children.

4107. Penalty for failure to send children to school.

4108. Persons employing Indian children unlawfully to be fined.

4109. Teachers' record of attendance.

4110. Attendance officers.

4111. Arrest of truants.

4112. Commissioner of education to contract for keeping of


4113. Census.

4114. Payment of services herein required.

4115. Apportionment.

4116. Co-operation of Indians shall be sought.

4117. Payment of cost of education of physically handicapped

Indian children.

4118. Attendance at post-secondary institutions by Native

American students.

4119. School district may contract to educate Indian children.