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General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20

Section 390. Substitution of spurious oils for internal

combustion engines.

390-a. Optical discs; requirements.

390-b. Anti-phishing act of 2006.

390-bb. Cramming prohibited.

390-c. Prohibit persons under eighteen years of age in

certain facilities.

390-c*2. Posting of warnings by commercial entities offering

internet access to the public.

390-d. Information concerning services for human

trafficking victims in facilities at truck stops.

390-e. Unauthorized installation of certain security

devices prohibited.

390-e*2. Skimming awareness notice.

391. Marking retreaded, recapped or recut tires.

391-a. Unlawful acts relating to liquid fuels, lubricating

oils and similar products.

391-b. Prohibit any sale of dangerous clothing articles.

391-c. Sale of bicycles.

391-d. Sale of matchbooks.

391-e. Promotion of camps by certain organizations.

391-f. Promotion of private schools by certain


391-g. Rental of motor vehicles; discrimination on the

basis of age prohibited.

391-h. Lubricating oils; container; notice required.

391-i. Sale of urea-formaldehyde foam insulation; notice.

391-j. Sale of fire extinguishers.

391-jj. Sale of electric space heaters.

391-k. Automatic garage door opening systems.

391-l. Personal emergency response service agreements;

required cancellation provisions.

391-l*2. Rental of motor vehicles; discrimination on the

basis of credit card ownership.

391-m. Manufacture and sale of in-line skates; regulation


391-n. Sale of reptiles; notice.

391-oo. Sale of over-the-counter diet pills and dietary

supplements for weight loss or muscle building.

391-p. Prohibit the rental of clothing articles previously


391-q. Rebates.

391-s. Sale and distribution of novelty lighters


391-t. Sale of small animals; instructions on care.

391-u. Pricing goods and services on the basis of gender


391-u*2. Restrictions on the sale and use of firefighting

equipment containing PFAS chemicals.

391-v. Third-party food delivery agreements.

392. Second-hand watches.

392-a. Sale of new computers.

392-b. False labels and misrepresentations.

392-c. Obliteration of marks of origin.

392-d. Using false marks as to manufacture.

392-e. Using false statements or altering mileage

registering devices.

392-f. Taximeters.

392-g. Sale of ultraviolet radiation devices.

392-h. Trash receptacles; dumpsters.

392-i. Prices reduced to reflect change in sales tax


392-j. Sales of sparkling devices.

393. Lime; standard barrels.

393-a. Non fire rated wood paneling.

393-b. Written solicitation.

393-c. Sale of required labor postings.

393-d. Sale of certified copies of property deeds.

393-e. Sale of abandoned property location services.

393-f. Voluntary third-party notification.

394. Lost or destroyed certificate of stock.

394-a. Proof of lost negotiable paper.

394-b. Limitations on certain contracts for instruction or

use of physical or social training facilities.

394-c. Limitations on certain contracts involving social

referral services.

394-cc. Internet dating safety.

394-ccc. Social media networks; hateful conduct prohibited.

394-d. Privity of contract between franchise seller and

customer or patron of dealer.

394-e. Report on request for abortional services.

394-f. Warrants for reproductive health related electronic


394-g. Geofencing of health care facilities.

394-h. Electronic health information protections.

395. Required disclosure of prior use.

395-a. Maintenance agreements.

395-b. Unlawfully installing or maintaining a two-way

mirror or other viewing device.

396. Unlawful selling practices.

396-a. Representation by savings and loan association of

insurance on accounts.

396-aa. Simulated check.

396-aa*2. Unsolicited telefacsimile advertising.

396-aaa. Public display of tobacco and electronic cigarette

advertisements and smoking paraphernalia


396-b. Advertisements.

396-bb. Sale of motor fuels to disabled persons.

396-c. Advertisements by persons engaged in dental

business relating to dentures and bridges.

396-cc. Notification of enclosure requirements for swimming


396-cc*2. Senior citizen discounts.

396-d. Advertisement and description of real property.

396-dd. Renting of horses; helmets and safety information.

396-e. Marking articles made of linen.

396-ee. Sale of certain weapons; locking devices therefor.

396-eee. Unlawful sale or delivery of body armor.

396-f. Sale of blind made products.

396-g. Sale of products processed by the blind.

396-h. Fraudulent sale of poppies, forget-me-nots,

daisies, flags and other articles sold for

patriotic purposes.

396-hh. Sale of poppies, forget-me-nots, daisies, flags and

other articles for patriotic purposes.

396-i. Acceptance of unexpired gift certificates.

396-j. Sale or possession of master or manipulative keys

for motor vehicles.

396-k. Hazardous toys and other articles intended

primarily for use by children; prohibition and


396-k*2. Sale of certain motor vehicles damaged by the

ravages of natural disaster.

396-kk. Sale of video game consoles.

396-l. Shopping carts; child protective devices.

396-m. Mail-order or telephone-order merchandise.

396-mm. Unlawful trial offers.

396-n. Sales with "money back guarantee" and with "limited


396-o. Sales by persons offering credits or refunds in

certain cases.

396-p. Rates to be posted in taxicabs; certain charges


396-p*2. Contracts for the sale of new motor vehicles.

396-q. New motor vehicles; sales and leases.

396-qq. New and used motor vehicles; sales and leases.

396-r. Price gouging.

396-rr. Price gouging; milk.

396-s. Individual sewage disposal system; information to

vendees of newly constructed homes.

396-ss. Access number notification.

396-t. Unlawful practices relating to layaway plans.

396-tt. Listing of business location in directory or


396-u. Merchandise delivery.

396-v. Operation of public automated blood pressure


396-w. Loitering for the purpose of soliciting passengers

for transportation.

396-x. Gasoline stations; air pumps required.

396-x*2. Unauthorized removal or destruction of newspapers.

396-y. Sale of certain personal property; incentives;

disclosure of value.

396-z. Rental vehicle protections.

397. Unlawful use of name or other identification of

certain non-profit organizations.

397-a. Distributing unsolicited advertising on private

property prohibited; certain cities.

397-b. Digital billboards.

398. Bills of lading to be issued by vessels

transporting merchandise within the state.

398-a. Shipment of motor vehicles outside the continental

United States.

398-b. Discrimination in car rentals prohibited.

398-c. Children attending roller skating rinks and indoor

ice skating rinks under certain conditions.

398-d. Disposal of abandoned molds.

398-e. Indemnity provision in motor carrier transportation


398-f. Children's non-regulated camp.

399. Cigarette package labeling.

399-a. Pay toilets; prohibition.

399-aa. Prohibition of the selling of fur, hair, skin or

flesh of a dog or cat.

399-aaa. Selling and manufacturing of fur-bearing articles

of clothing.

399-aaaa. Menstrual product labeling.

399-aaaaa. Selling of animal tested cosmetics.

399-b. Contracts for the use of the streets for hack


399-bb. Certain dry cleaning institutions; option for six

months donation of articles of clothing.

399-bbb. Solicitations by container; disclosures.

399-c. Mandatory arbitration clauses in certain consumer

contracts prohibited.

399-cc. Wireless telephone numbers.

399-cc*2. Transcripts and stenographic services.

399-ccc. Smoke detecting devices.

399-cccc. Wireless telephone services; domestic violence


399-d. Children attending public bowling alleys under

certain conditions.

399-dd. Sale of alcohol vaporizing devices prohibited.

399-dd*2. Construction or installation of playground or

playground equipment.

399-dd*3. Consumer communications records privacy.

399-ddd. Confidentiality of social security account number.

399-ddd*2. Disclosure of social security number.

399-e. Prohibition of the importation, manufacturing,

distribution, or sale of yo-yo waterball toys.

399-e*2. Actions.

399-ee. Zone pricing of gasoline prohibited.

399-f. Laundromat refund procedures.

399-ff. Petting zoos.

399-gg. Packaging of electronic liquid.

399-h. Disposal of records containing personal identifying


399-i. Prohibit the sale of unsafe cribs and restrict use

of such cribs in certain settings.

399-ii. Furniture tip restraint device.

399-ii*2. Prohibit the sale of crib bumper pads and restrict

use of such pads in certain settings.

399-j. Safety standards; moveable soccer goals.

399-k. Access to toilet facilities for utility workers.

399-m. Disclosures in advertisement and sale of

unassembled goods.

399-n. Approval of electrical devices.

399-nn. Sale of digital electronic equipment; diagnostic

and repair information.

399-o. Selling prices and container deposits.

399-oo. Deceptive solicitation of vehicle warranty


399-p. Telemarketing; use of automatic dialing-announcing

devices and placement of consumer telephone


399-pp. Telemarketing and consumer fraud and abuse

prevention act.

399-q. Use of carts, cases, trays, baskets, boxes and

other containers.

399-qq. Sale or promotional distribution of utility knives,

box cutters, or box cart cutters.

399-r. Sale of paint pellet guns.

399-rr. September eleventh victim compensation fund and

World Trade Center health program notification.

399-s. Posting of notice when air rifles or guns are sold.

399-t. Sale of certain chlorofluorocarbons and halons


399-t*2. Vending machine disclosure.

399-u. Motor vehicle alarms.

399-v. Parking facilities; towing of vehicles, posting of


399-w. Total loss notice and waiver of the gap amount for

non-motor vehicle retail lease agreements.

399-w*2. Notice requirements for renters of personal


399-x. Towed motor vehicles.

399-xx. Towing of motor vehicles; credit cards; statewide.

399-y. Child safety devices for hot water dispensers.

399-y*2. Automated teller machine fee disclosure.

399-y-1. Automated teller machines transaction denial; fees


399-yy. Cable television company providing telephone


399-yyy. Satellite television company providing television

and/or telephone services.

399-z. Telemarketing; establishment of no telemarketing

sales calls statewide registry; authorization of

the transfer of telephone numbers on the no

telemarketing sales calls statewide registry to

the national "do-not-call" registry.

399-z-1. Telecommunication companies blocking certain


399-z-1*2. STIR/SHAKEN authentication framework.

399-zz. Telephone bills.

399-zzz. Prohibition of certain fee charges.

399-zzzz. Prohibition of certain fee charges for termination

or early cancellation.

399-zzzzz. Broadband service for low-income consumers.

399-zzzzz*2. Use of preferred name and pronouns.