2019 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Joseph P. Addabbo Jr

2019 Submissions

Ave Maria Catholic Academy

6th Grade

Luca Manco an essay (docx)

Notre Dame Catholic Academy

3rd Grade

Camila a work of art (jpg)

Colleen a work of art (jpg)

Elaine an essay (jpg)

Gianelly a work of art (jpg)

Jack a work of art (jpg)

Julian o. a work of art (jpg)

Kayla a work of art (jpg)

Lilian a work of art (jpg)

Lizbeth a work of art (jpg)

Lorianna a work of art (jpg)

Lucja a work of art (jpg)

Mariam a work of art (jpg)

Max a work of art (jpg)

Michael an essay (jpg)

Nicholas a work of art (jpg)

Nicole an essay (jpg)

Sara a work of art (jpg)

Stephania a poem (jpg)

Zlatan a work of art (jpg)

PS 174 William Sidney Mount

5th Grade

Alexa Maldonado a work of art (pdf)

Austin Bogush a work of art (pdf)

Brendan Chan a work of art (pdf)

Cyrus Saadat a work of art (pdf)

Daniel Feng a work of art (pdf)

Dennis Jeffrey II an essay (pdf)

Edwin Gelman a poem (pdf)

Erica Guan an essay (pdf)

Ethan Go a work of art (pdf)

Holly Miao a poem (pdf)

Jonathan Chow a work of art (pdf)

Joshua Chen a work of art (pdf)

Laksh Patel an essay (pdf)

Micah Lovejoy a work of art (pdf)

Nicole Eng a poem (pdf)

Riley Kong a poem (pdf)

Sidrat Majumder a work of art (pdf)

Sihem Hababou a poem (pdf)

Suri Dai a work of art (pdf)

Teodora Dupir a work of art (pdf)

Victor David a work of art (pdf)

William Liang a work of art (pdf)

Zachary Teichmann a work of art (pdf)

PS 49 Dorothy Bonawit Kole

4th Grade

Alejandro Correa a poem (pdf)

Grace Kelly an essay (docx)

James Garcia Keith an essay (pdf)

Mark Zheng an essay (pdf)

Olivia Wong a poem (pdf)

Sage Fernandez Ochajaroen an essay (docx)

PS 63 Old South

5th Grade

Arianna Martell a work of art (jpg)

Meriam Alamarie a work of art (jpg)

Rebecca Liang a work of art (jpg)

Saint Francis De Sales Catholic Academy

6th Grade

Alana Lizzi an essay (docx)

Annie Neville a poem (docx)

Belle Bagley an essay (docx)

Brody Lahoz a poem (docx)

Callie Mullin an essay (docx)

Carly Franchock an essay (docx)

Catherine Johnson an essay (docx)

Catherine Smith an essay (docx)

Christian Murray a poem (docx)

Christian Van Brakle an essay (docx)

Christopher Traegler an essay (docx)

Dylan Ehret a poem (docx)

Elizabeth Holly a poem (docx)

Emma Bevacqua an essay (docx)

Erin Murtagh an essay (docx)

Fiona Fitzgerald an essay (docx)

Isabelle McLoughlin a poem (docx)

Jack Butler an essay (docx)

James Johnson a poem (docx)

John Courtney a poem (docx)

John Thuilot an essay (docx)

Katherine Rudolph an essay (docx)

Kieran O'Malley an essay (docx)

Lauren Owens an essay (docx)

Leigh Bianco an essay (docx)

Lucy Kuhlmann an essay (docx)

Lukas Lourde a poem (docx)

Matt McKnight a poem (docx)

Matthew Barrett an essay (docx)

Matthew McKnight a poem (docx)

Michaela Gennaro a poem (docx)

Naomi Phillip-Stoute a poem (docx)

Nicolette Sclafani an essay (docx)

Nora Heegan an essay (docx)

Peter Franchock an essay (docx)

Peter Pollizzi an essay (docx)

Reilly Shaw an essay (docx)

Ryan Cunningham an essay (docx)

Sebastian Howard a poem (docx)

Shane Orr an essay (docx)

Shea McKeefrey a poem (docx)

Summer Duffy an essay (docx)

Tess Kuhlmann an essay (docx)

Thomas Murgolo an essay (docx)

Timothy Dwyer a poem (docx)

Travis Mitterway a poem (docx)

Valerija Simovic a poem (docx)

Saint Margaret Catholic Academy

6th Grade

Armani an essay (pdf)

Emily an essay (pdf)

Isabella an essay (pdf)

Jaycin an essay (pdf)

Jayden an essay (pdf)

Joseph an essay (pdf)

Justin an essay (pdf)

Madeline an essay (pdf)

Michael an essay (pdf)

Randy an essay (pdf)

Travis an essay (pdf)

Vivian an essay (pdf)

Saint Rose Of Lima Catholic Academy

4th Grade

Andres Chumpitaz an essay (png)

Aneké Thurston an essay (png)

Brandon Hermida an essay (jpeg)

Brooke Bradley an essay (png)

Cecilia Mbonu an essay (png)

Dailis Reynoso an essay (png)

Daniel Jimenez an essay (png)

Emma Louis-Juste an essay (png)

Ethan Rodriguez an essay (png)

Garry Patrylo an essay (docx)

Isabella Reyes an essay (png)

Jack Fanning an essay (png)

Jaylyn Torres an essay (png)

Jordin Karr an essay (png)

Justin LoBionco an essay (png)

Kacper Kasicki an essay (png)

Khloee Garcia an essay (png)

Lia Martinez an essay (png)

Liam Nolan an essay (png)

Milena Chomicz-Grabowska an essay (png)

Olivia Vouitsis an essay (png)

Peyton Stinneir an essay (png)

Riley O’Brien an essay (png)

Savannah Childs an essay (png)

Scarlet Denni an essay (png)

Tzippora Edwards an essay (png)

5th Grade

Arianna Fernandez an essay (pdf)

Briseis Morales an essay (pdf)

Claudia Rapa an essay (doc)

Derek Robinson an essay (pdf)

Fabrizio V an essay (doc)

Gianna Burns an essay (pdf)

Isabella Laucella an essay (pdf)

James Mbonu a poem (doc)

Justin Alvarenga an essay (doc)

Katelyn Patrylo an essay (pdf)

Kyle Liu a poem (doc)

Madison West a poem (pdf)

Mia Daniels an essay (doc)

Nakayla Everett an essay (pdf)

Niley Jones an essay (pdf)

Paula B an essay (pdf)

Paula Essel an essay (pdf)

Robert Young a poem (pdf)

Rocco Pisani an essay (doc)

Sean S an essay (pdf)

Zahir Pottinger an essay (pdf)

Saint Thomas The Apostle Catholic Academy

4th Grade

Julannie Garcia an essay (jpeg)

The Is 119 Glendale

2nd Grade

Suhaan Virani a poem (jpg)