2021 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Joseph P. Addabbo Jr

2021 Submissions

5th Grade

GERALDINE RAMIREZ MAGNO a work of art (jpeg)

Middle Village Preparatory Charter School

6th Grade

Aleksandra Orzechowski a work of art (pdf)

Amber Zacarias a work of art (pdf)

Amelia Legaspi a work of art (pdf)

Antonia Vangjeluski a work of art (pdf)

Ave Hernandez a work of art (pdf)

Bradley DeMesa a poem (pdf)

Christina Curillo a poem (pdf)

Isabella Loaiza an essay (pdf)

Jakub Peza a poem (pdf)

Jaliyah Pena a poem (pdf)

Karina Jablonski a poem (pdf)

Kaylin Dufossez a poem (pdf)

Kesang Lama a work of art (pdf)

Klarybel Quinteros a poem (pdf)

Lidia Perkowski a work of art (pdf)

Lidia Perkowski a work of art (pdf)

Liliana Skrzeczkowska a poem (pdf)

Natalia Sitarz a poem (pdf)

Oliver Szyc a poem (pdf)

Omar Acateco an essay (pdf)

Penelope Munoz a work of art (pdf)

Prasiddhi Thapa a work of art (pdf)

Scarlett Delfino a work of art (pdf)

Sophia Vulpe a work of art (pdf)

Victoria Faszczewski an essay (pdf)

Yostina Khalil a poem (pdf)

7th Grade

Amelia Konopko a work of art (png)

Angelika Sadowski a poem (pdf)

Annya a poem (pdf)

Isaiah Andrew Diaz a poem (pdf)

Malik Almardahi a poem (pdf)

Manuel a poem (png)

Sarah jimenez a work of art (png)

Tenoch Gallego a poem (pdf)

Vanessa Gopaul a work of art (pdf)

PS 174 William Sidney Mount

4th Grade

Adam Zaqdan a work of art (pdf)

Alvin Cao a work of art (pdf)

Ashley Espana a work of art (pdf)

Da- Hyun Lee a work of art (pdf)

Elvin Liang a work of art (pdf)

Emma Ramcharitar a work of art (pdf)

Estelle Abramova a work of art (pdf)

Ilan Domatov a work of art (pdf)

Leana Dyrmishi a work of art (pdf)

Maya Constantinescu a work of art (pdf)

Melody Lwin Oo a work of art (pdf)

Natalie Cangro a work of art (pdf)

Nathan Liu a work of art (pdf)

Reginald Mullin a work of art (pdf)

Sabrina Ilkhomova a work of art (pdf)

Vardges Knyazyan a work of art (pdf)

5th Grade

Aidan Davidescu a poem (pdf)

Alexandra Zieba a work of art (jpg)

Anaya Potdar a poem (pdf)

Arianna Jaype a poem (pdf)

Ariyani Tan a work of art (png)

Dahlia Walston a poem (pdf)

Daniella Arutyunova a work of art (jpg)

Ethan Gonzalez Tejada a work of art (jpg)

Fatima Subaita a poem (pdf)

Gabriella Iosebashvili a poem (pdf)

Haochen Yan a work of art (jpg)

Henry Greenbaum a poem (pdf)

Ilana Abramov a poem (pdf)

Iris Zheng a work of art (jpg)

Isabella Chung a poem (pdf)

Joseph Leon a poem (pdf)

Kelly Chan a poem (pdf)

Landon Buckley a poem (pdf)

Lhamo Tenzin a work of art (jpg)

Liana Rice a work of art (jpg)

Mauryan Kumar a poem (docx)

Mohsin Shekhani a poem (pdf)

Nadia Quigley a poem (docx)

Nicholas Chen a work of art (jpg)

Oi Shun Hong a work of art (jpg)

Reeyant Acharya a poem (docx)

Shaik Taheem a poem (pdf)

Sofia Romero a work of art (jpg)

Steven Abramov a poem (pdf)

Taneli Go a poem (png)

Yuanxin Li a work of art (jpg)

PS/ms 114 Belle Harbor

6th Grade

Cassidy Reilly a work of art (png)

Saint Francis De Sales Catholic Academy

5th Grade

Amelia O'Sullivan a poem (docx)

Angelina Rasmussen a poem (docx)

Anne McDonagh a poem (docx)

Annelise O'Sullivan a poem (docx)

Annie McCormick an essay (docx)

Brendan Hayden a poem (pdf)

Ellen Salamon a poem (pdf)

Gianluca Coyle an essay (docx)

Grace DiBenedetto an essay (pdf)

Hannah LaPrice a poem (docx)

Henry Borgstede an essay (docx)

Jack Neville an essay (docx)

James Moriarty an essay (docx)

Jane Bender an essay (pdf)

Jason Youngberg a poem (docx)

Jimmy Brady an essay (docx)

Joyce Geraci an essay (pdf)

Kayla Cunningham a poem (docx)

KIeran Burke an essay (docx)

Liam Grace an essay (docx)

Liam McCormick a poem (docx)

Logan Ultsh an essay (docx)

Luke Hernandez a poem (docx)

Mairead Witkowski a poem (pdf)

Makayla Tellone a poem (docx)

Makayla Tellone a poem (docx)

McKenzie Doyle a poem (docx)

Michael Noone an essay (pdf)

Michael Owens an essay (docx)

Molly Gallagher a poem (docx)

Niamh Mullen a poem (docx)

Olivia Coursey an essay (docx)

Owen Shaffer an essay (pdf)

Padraig O'Rourke a poem (docx)

Parker Long a poem (docx)

Peyton Bishop an essay (docx)

Preston Howard an essay (docx)

Rafael Campos-Gatjens an essay (pdf)

Reese Dennis an essay (pdf)

Ryan Cox a poem (docx)

Ryan Gilroy an essay (pdf)

Ryan McKeefrey a poem (docx)

Sadie Corvi an essay (pdf)

Shane Natali an essay (pdf)

Sophia Allocco a poem (docx)

Taryn Martin a poem (docx)

Teagan O'Rourke a poem (docx)

Theresa Lang a poem (docx)

Thomas Aiken a poem (docx)

Thomas O'Neill a poem (pdf)

Timothy Flohr a poem (pdf)

William Corning an essay (docx)

William Egan a poem (pdf)

William Kelly an essay (pdf)

6th Grade

Adison Heeran a poem (docx)

Anne Carey an essay (docx)

Ashlee Ferriola a poem (docx)

Ava DiBenedetto an essay (docx)

Billy Murtagh an essay (docx)

Billy Thuilot an essay (docx)

Brady Gallagher a poem (docx)

Brendan Rudolph an essay (docx)

Brielle Heeran a poem (docx)

Brody Leonard an essay (docx)

Calogero Troia a poem (docx)

Caroline Casares an essay (docx)

Caroline Hayden an essay (docx)

Caroline Mullin a poem (docx)

Caroline Murphy a poem (docx)

Casie Yorke an essay (docx)

Cassidy Shaffer an essay (docx)

Cate Urciuoli a poem (docx)

Charles Cozeolino an essay (docx)

Charlotte Moriarty a poem (docx)

Chloe Gallo a poem (docx)

Connor Carter an essay (docx)

Connor Lawrence an essay (docx)

Danny McLoughlin an essay (docx)

David Graves an essay (docx)

Dylan Courtney a poem (docx)

Elle Manley an essay (docx)

Emma a poem (docx)

Emma Walter an essay (docx)

Gabriella Casares an essay (docx)

Gianna a poem (docx)

Hank Brucella an essay (docx)

Hannah Murphy an essay (docx)

Hayden Martin an essay (docx)

Jack Hayes an essay (docx)

Jack O'grady an essay (docx)

James Fabiszewski a poem (docx)

Jane Johnson an essay (docx)

Joseph Keenan a poem (docx)

Kacper Ostrowski a poem (docx)

Kathleen Heegan an essay (docx)

Keira Henry an essay (docx)

Kelsey Turchiano a poem (docx)

Kevin Farrell an essay (docx)

Lily Mollaghan an essay (docx)

Lucas Allen a poem (docx)

Maeve Bartholomeo a poem (docx)

Maggie Butler a poem (docx)

Mairead Fitzgerald a poem (docx)

Mary Shaw a poem (docx)

Matthew Mandala a poem (docx)

Mia Ledesma a poem (docx)

Michael Sullivan an essay (docx)

Nancy Re- Ferguson an essay (docx)

Nicolas Deokinandan an essay (docx)

Noelle Thuilot an essay (docx)

Nolan Enright an essay (docx)

Olivia Keane a poem (docx)

Patrick Hayden a poem (docx)

Paula Zuzic a poem (docx)

Rowan Powell a poem (docx)

Savannah Vaccaro an essay (docx)

Sawyer Bagley an essay (docx)

Sean O'Sullivan an essay (docx)

Shane Ehret a poem (docx)

Shane Fischer an essay (docx)

Skylar Ronayne an essay (docx)

Taylor Keiley an essay (docx)

Teresa Doherty an essay (docx)

Tess Riches an essay (docx)

Timothy Nichtern a poem (docx)

Ty Duffy an essay (docx)

Vincent Cassino a poem (docx)