2022 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Joseph P. Addabbo Jr

2022 Submissions

Grover Cleveland High School

9th Grade

Daisy Tito a work of art (jpg)

Emily Piscz a poem (pdf)

Gabrielle Jean Alhabsi a poem (pdf)

Jakub Kaczmarski a work of art (jpg)

Krystian Machowski an essay (docx)

Krystian Machowski an essay (docx)

Michelle Tello an essay (pdf)

Savanna Jade Vega a poem (docx)

Savanna Jade Vega a poem (docx)

Shahd Zaid an essay (pdf)

Shayla Howard a work of art (jpg)

10th Grade

Jiale Yang a poem (pdf)

Alviya Aljaz a poem (pdf)

Ava Thompson a poem (pdf)

Braedy Xie a poem (pdf)

David Zou a work of art (jpg)

Dorota Konopka a poem (pdf)

Francisca Lopez a poem (pdf)

Isabel Cardis-Ditu a poem (pdf)

Jared Pagan an essay (pdf)

Joy Murray a poem (pdf)

Nare Varzhapetyan a poem (pdf)

Omar Ramirez an essay (pdf)

Riley Mckiernan a poem (pdf)

Skylee Javier a poem (pdf)

Solydania Espinal a poem (pdf)

Teodora Mohan a poem (pdf)

Tony Alfy an essay (pdf)

Veronica LLanos a poem (pdf)

PS 174 William Sidney Mount

4th Grade

Aaliyah Rojan a work of art (pdf)

Aaron Abdul a work of art (pdf)

Aayushma Thapa a work of art (pdf)

Allison an essay (jpg)

Ally a work of art (jpg)

Analynn Smith a work of art (jpeg)

Antonella a poem (jpg)

Aria Hunter a work of art (pdf)

Ariam Brook an essay (pdf)

Audrey a poem (jpg)

Caitlin Han a work of art (jpg)

Chloe a work of art (jpg)

Ema a poem (jpg)

Ethan Swiader a work of art (pdf)

Greyson Liu a poem (pdf)

Isabella Jimenez a work of art (pdf)

Jaibao Zhang a work of art (pdf)

Jason Kee Low Jr. a work of art (pdf)

Julian an essay (jpg)

Kendall Mojica an essay (pdf)

Leandra an essay (jpg)

Lila a work of art (jpg)

Logan Wong a work of art (pdf)

Lucas a work of art (jpg)

Ludvik Sheng a work of art (jpg)

Natanel a work of art (jpg)

Sebastian Gesmundo a work of art (pdf)

Tiffany Guan a work of art (pdf)

Vivian a work of art (jpg)

Zariah a work of art (jpg)

5th Grade

Adam Zaqdan a work of art (jpg)

Alejandro Navarro a work of art (jpg)

Alexander Khaimov a work of art (jpg)

Alim Rajwani a poem (pdf)

Alina Mithani a poem (pdf)

Alyssa Ortiz a poem (pdf)

Andrew Tang a poem (pdf)

Beibarys Sultan a work of art (jpg)

Camillah Julsaitov a work of art (jpg)

Celeste Izabel a poem (pdf)

Daniel Abayev a work of art (jpg)

Emma Schaefer a poem (pdf)

Ethan Gelman a poem (pdf)

Eva Babayev an essay (jpg)

Evan Li a poem (pdf)

Ezra Berkovich a poem (pdf)

Hanna Murarasu a poem (pdf)

Hannah Lin a poem (pdf)

Ilana Pinkhasov a work of art (jpg)

Jayden Howard a poem (pdf)

Jerry Sun a poem (pdf)

Julian Babadzhanov a work of art (jpg)

Katherine Wan a poem (pdf)

Kyle Xu a poem (pdf)

Leana Dyrmishi a work of art (jpg)

Lila Chan a poem (pdf)

Matthew Watts an essay (jpg)

Maya Constantinescu a work of art (jpg)

Michael Feng a poem (pdf)

Michelle Dobronevsky a poem (pdf)

Myah Ramcharitar an essay (jpg)

Nathan Liu a work of art (jpg)

Nathaniel Pierre a work of art (jpg)

Rand Balsam a poem (pdf)

Roger Li a poem (pdf)

Ruoyi Lin an essay (jpg)

Sherbek Rakmonberdiev a work of art (jpg)

Shiraz Famouri-Lee a poem (pdf)

Soliana Brook a poem (pdf)

Sunday Rose Liu a poem (pdf)

Suraj Pandey a poem (jpg)

Tashi Phuntsok a work of art (jpg)

Valerie Lopez-Perez a work of art (jpg)

Vardges Knyazyan a work of art (jpg)

Zoe Palyusik a work of art (jpg)

PS 232 Lindenwood

6th Grade

Hamayl A. a poem (jpg)

Isabella a work of art (jpg)

Jean Karlo a poem (jpg)

Layla C. a work of art (jpg)

Sophia F. a work of art (jpg)

7th Grade

Aiden a poem (jpg)

Aleksandra C an essay (jpg)

Andres a work of art (jpg)

Bella B. a work of art (jpg)

Brianna Rizzo a work of art (jpg)

Camila B a poem (jpg)

Elani a work of art (jpg)

Hayley S. a poem (jpg)

Jason a work of art (jpg)

Kayla P. an essay (jpg)

Makayla J. a work of art (jpg)

8th Grade

Abigail M a work of art (jpg)

Aideen a work of art (jpg)

Alannah B. a work of art (jpg)

Alyaa a work of art (jpg)

Ariana a work of art (jpg)

Ashley a work of art (jpg)

Brianna P. a work of art (jpg)

Brook a work of art (jpg)

Daniel a work of art (jpg)

Dempsey a work of art (jpg)

Elizabeth a work of art (jpg)

Emily a work of art (jpg)

Emma A. a work of art (jpg)

Enrique a work of art (jpg)

Gianna a work of art (jpg)

Iris M. a work of art (jpg)

Jailah P. an essay (jpg)

Jayda an essay (jpg)

Jeremy a work of art (jpg)

Joseph C. a work of art (jpg)

Justin T. a work of art (jpg)

Kamaya an essay (jpg)

Kristen a work of art (jpg)

Lia a work of art (png)

Mccardous a poem (jpg)

Mya a work of art (jpg)

Nataliyah a work of art (jpg)

Nicolette a work of art (jpg)

Nikita a work of art (jpg)

Peyton a work of art (jpg)

Rosalie a work of art (jpg)

Rosemary a poem (jpg)

Sauly a poem (jpg)

Serena a work of art (jpg)

Sharlyn a work of art (jpg)

Sohana a work of art (jpg)

Thomas a work of art (jpg)

Valentina M. a work of art (jpg)

Valentina R. a work of art (jpg)

Zac T. a work of art (jpg)

PS 49 Dorothy Bonawit Kole

3rd Grade

Class 304 an essay (pdf)

Petrina Mollah a work of art (pdf)

Saige an essay (pdf)

Veronika Bartosiak a poem (jpeg)

Saint Francis De Sales Catholic Academy

5th Grade

Adriana Allen an essay (docx)

Adrianna Troia an essay (docx)

Andrew Teahan an essay (docx)

Anna Corvi an essay (docx)

Annie Shaw an essay (docx)

Avery Walter an essay (docx)

Bianka Dynak an essay (docx)

Brendan McMahon an essay (docx)

Brody Lynch an essay (docx)

Charlie Long an essay (docx)

Charlotte Colleran an essay (docx)

Chrystalla Anastasiades an essay (docx)

Colin Mundy an essay (docx)

Dakota Duffy an essay (docx)

Danny Rafferty an essay (docx)

Dylan Henley an essay (docx)

Dylan Nowak an essay (docx)

Elizabeth Johnson an essay (docx)

Finn Keane an essay (docx)

Fionnuala Fitzgerald an essay (docx)

Gemma Natale an essay (docx)

Giuliana Cozza an essay (docx)

Giuliana Gentile an essay (docx)

Jack McCann an essay (docx)

Jackie Adinolfi an essay (docx)

James Reilly an essay (docx)

John Purpura an essay (docx)

Kassidy Brunton an essay (docx)

Kate Graves an essay (docx)

Keira Gilroy an essay (docx)

Kelly Sullivan an essay (docx)

Kevin Heegan an essay (docx)

Lia Forzano an essay (docx)

Logan Leahy an essay (docx)

Luke Johnson an essay (docx)

Mackenzie Keiley an essay (docx)

Maeve Powell an essay (docx)

Mary Thuilot an essay (docx)

Matthew Villetto an essay (docx)

Michael Carlson an essay (docx)

Molly Grace an essay (docx)

Molly O'Neill an essay (docx)

Molly O'Neill an essay (docx)

Noah Lourde an essay (docx)

Peter Hayden an essay (docx)

Peyton an essay (docx)

Preston Crockett an essay (docx)

Robert Wagner an essay (docx)

Ryan Tubridy an essay (docx)

Savannah Last an essay (docx)

Shane Thompson an essay (docx)

Silas Porcella an essay (docx)

Sophia Bello an essay (docx)

Steven Forrester an essay (docx)

Therese Carlin an essay (docx)

Thomas Scollo an essay (docx)

Timothy McDonagh an essay (docx)

TJ Gampero an essay (docx)

Trevor Norton an essay (docx)

Veronika Baltachi an essay (docx)

your name an essay (docx)

Zoe Sclafani an essay (docx)

6th Grade

Amelia O'Sullivan an essay (docx)

Angelina Rasmussen an essay (docx)

Anne McDonough an essay (docx)

Annelise O'Sullivan an essay (docx)

Annie McCormick an essay (docx)

Ava Biondolillo an essay (docx)

Brendan Hayden an essay (docx)

Brianne Layden an essay (docx)

Domenico Latella an essay (docx)

Gianluca Coyle an essay (docx)

Grace DiBenedetto an essay (docx)

Gregory Brenna an essay (docx)

Guiliana Gentile an essay (docx)

Hannah LaPrice an essay (docx)

Henry Borgstede an essay (docx)

Jack Neville an essay (docx)

Jane Bender an essay (docx)

Jason Youngberg an essay (docx)

Jillian Heeran an essay (docx)

Jimmy Brady an essay (docx)

Joyce Geraci an essay (docx)

Katherine Holly an essay (docx)

Kayla Cunningham an essay (docx)

Kinley Hearn an essay (docx)

Kinley Hearn an essay (docx)

Liam Grace an essay (docx)

Liam McCormick an essay (docx)

Lily Warnock an essay (docx)

Logan Ultsh an essay (docx)

Luke Hernandez an essay (docx)

Madeline Forrester an essay (docx)

Maeve Murphy an essay (docx)

Mairead Witkowski an essay (docx)

Makayla Tellone an essay (docx)

Matthew Johnson an essay (docx)

McKenzie Doyle an essay (docx)

Michael Noone an essay (docx)

Michael Owens an essay (docx)

Molly Gallagher an essay (docx)

Niamh Mullen an essay (docx)

Nicolina Latella an essay (docx)

Olivia Coursey an essay (docx)

Owen Shaffer an essay (docx)

Owen Shaffer an essay (docx)

Parker Long an essay (docx)

Peyton Bishop an essay (docx)

Preston Howard an essay (docx)

Rafael Campos-Gatjens an essay (docx)

Reese Dennis an essay (docx)

Ryan Gilroy an essay (docx)

Ryan McKeefrey an essay (docx)

Sadie Corvi an essay (docx)

Shane Natale an essay (docx)

Shane Whalen an essay (docx)

Sophia Allocco an essay (docx)

Taryn Martin an essay (docx)

Thomas Aiken an essay (docx)

Thomas O'Neill an essay (docx)

Timothy Flohr an essay (docx)

William Egan an essay (docx)

7th Grade

Ava DiBenedetto an essay (pdf)

Kacper Ostrowski a poem (pdf)

Adison Heeran a poem (pdf)

Anne Carey an essay (pdf)

Ashlee Ferriola a poem (pdf)

Brielle Heeran a poem (pdf)

Calogero Troia a poem (pdf)

Caroline Mullin an essay (pdf)

Casie Yorke an essay (pdf)

Cassidy Shaffer an essay (pdf)

Connor Carter an essay (pdf)

Connor Lawrence-Coogan a poem (pdf)

Daniel McLoughlin a poem (pdf)

Dylan Courtney a poem (pdf)

Emma Walter an essay (pdf)

Gabriella Casares a poem (pdf)

Hannah Murphy an essay (pdf)

Jake Sullivan a poem (pdf)

James Fabiszewski a poem (pdf)

Joseph Keenan an essay (pdf)

Keira Henry an essay (pdf)

Kevin Farrell an essay (pdf)

Lily Mollaghan a poem (pdf)

Lucas Allen a poem (pdf)

Maggie Butler a poem (pdf)

Maggie Butler a work of art (jpg)

Mary Shaw a poem (pdf)

Mia Ledesma a poem (pdf)

Noelle Thuilot an essay (pdf)

Savannah Vaccaro an essay (pdf)

Savannah Vaccaro an essay (pdf)

Sawyer Bagley an essay (pdf)

Shane Fischer a poem (pdf)

Skylar Ronayne an essay (pdf)

Timothy Nichtern a poem (pdf)

Ty Dufffy a poem (pdf)

Vincent Cassino a poem (pdf)

William Thuilot an essay (pdf)