2018 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our troops fighting overseas, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration.


Andrew J. Lanza

2018 Submissions

Academy Of Saint Dorothy

5th Grade

Anthony Polomene an essay (pdf)

Caden Bilella a poem (pdf)

Charles VanDerwerken an essay (pdf)

Gavin Blumenberg an essay (pdf)

Guilaiet DiBlasio an essay (pdf)

Mark Campisi an essay (pdf)

Nico Raineri an essay (pdf)

Skylar Raffone an essay (pdf)

Sofia Avila an essay (pdf)

Thomas Lewis an essay (pdf)

Tracy Tetteviah an essay (pdf)

Vlad Hrytsay an essay (pdf)

Wyatt J. Payne an essay (pdf)

IS 75 Frank D Paulo

6th Grade

Angelo Pecora a work of art (jpg)

Daniella Ayala a work of art (jpg)

Diane Emelianova a work of art (jpg)

Josef Shaarawy a work of art (jpg)

Nodrot Adebayo a work of art (jpg)

Olivia Xu a work of art (jpg)

Reneen Musa a work of art (jpg)

Our Lady Help Of Christians School

4th Grade

ANNALISE WHITE a work of art (jpg)

Charley Errigo a work of art (pdf)

Christopher Nitti a poem (pdf)

Daniela Diaz an essay (pdf)

Gabrielle Hack an essay (pdf)

Paul D'Orio a poem (jpg)

Sarah Cook a poem (pdf)

Sophia Torres a poem (jpeg)

PS 42 Eltingville

2nd Grade

Andrew Algerio an essay (jpeg)

Cristian Gonzalez a poem (pdf)

Eva Leverock a work of art (jpeg)

Isabella DeVincenzo a work of art (pdf)

Max Cuautle Weinstein an essay (pdf)

Meriam Soliman a work of art (jpg)

olivia sorbo a work of art (pdf)

3rd Grade

Brendan Trudeau a poem (jpeg)

Eli Mizhiritskiy a work of art (jpg)

Ella Melone an essay (docx)

Jack Power a poem (pdf)

Jakob Moldavsky a work of art (jpeg)

Justin Bodmann a poem (docx)

Kyle Qiu an essay (docx)

kyle zhu an essay (pdf)

Leanne a poem (jpg)

Owen Guan a poem (pdf)

PS 52 John C Thompson

1st Grade

Kaitlin Tse an essay (jpeg)

Wesley an essay (jpeg)

2nd Grade

Amina Okshe an essay (jpeg)

Julia Staiti a work of art (jpeg)

Neville Lestrade a work of art (jpeg)

Shqirie Mati a work of art (jpeg)

3rd Grade

Emily Tse an essay (jpeg)

Harshita Soni an essay (jpeg)

Olivia Hernandez a poem (jpeg)

Vicki Hu an essay (jpeg)

4th Grade

Megan Perera a work of art (jpeg)

Vincenzo Magno a work of art (jpeg)

5th Grade

Ava Conroy a work of art (jpg)

Gracie Pistone a work of art (jpg)

Jalen Ortiz a work of art (jpeg)

Thomas Pinto a poem (pdf)

PS 55 Henry M Boehm

5th Grade

Erin Knell a work of art (jpeg)

PS 6 Cpl Allan F Kivlehan School

4th Grade

Dalton Lake an essay (pdf)

Gianna Nicotra an essay (pdf)

Leona Sela an essay (pdf)

Noha Elbahlwalhan a poem (pdf)

Sienna Conzo a work of art (pdf)

Sofia Iacono an essay (pdf)

PS 8 Shirlee Solomon

5th Grade

Alessio Mattioli an essay (pdf)

Alina Liu an essay (pdf)

Amanda Robinson an essay (pdf)

Amilia Torres an essay (pdf)

Angelina Collins an essay (jpeg)

Anthony Romanello an essay (pdf)

Anthony Rzeszutko an essay (jpeg)

Anthony Verriotto an essay (jpeg)

Berenice Cerrato an essay (pdf)

Cai Qing Jiang an essay (pdf)

Christopher Mangiapia an essay (pdf)

David Levintov an essay (pdf)

Emily Marucheau an essay (pdf)

Feby Faltas an essay (pdf)

Gina Barberie an essay (pdf)

Jack Newstad an essay (pdf)

Jason Villanueva an essay (pdf)

Jonathan Morales an essay (pdf)

Jonathan Shapiro an essay (pdf)

Joseph Sullivan an essay (pdf)

Julia Hosny an essay (pdf)

Juliana Dominguez an essay (pdf)

Justin Foder an essay (jpeg)

Keith Gough an essay (pdf)

Layla Allam an essay (pdf)

Melisa Zeneli an essay (pdf)

Merly Hanna an essay (pdf)

Michael Manganel an essay (pdf)

Nicholas Chilson an essay (pdf)

Nicholas Tuminello an essay (pdf)

Olivia Damiano an essay (pdf)

Olivia Profeta an essay (pdf)

Patricia Block-Sheehan an essay (pdf)

Rachel Jakubowski an essay (pdf)

Raymond Martinez an essay (pdf)

Sophia Bourboulis an essay (pdf)

Stephen Rossilli an essay (pdf)

Vanessa Seneviratne an essay (jpeg)

Victoria Weglicki an essay (pdf)

Victoria Yusifov an essay (pdf)

Zinnia Ahmed an essay (pdf)

Saint Christopher School


Emily Moore a work of art (jpg)

Lawrence Sullivan a work of art (jpg)

Lou Crowe a work of art (jpg)

1st Grade

Antonia Schnell a work of art (jpg)

Isabella Rivera a work of art (jpg)

Rita Sallit a work of art (jpg)

2nd Grade

Caitlin Dietsch a work of art (jpg)

Elianna Zenteno a work of art (jpg)

Fatima Marcial a work of art (jpg)

Henry Palaez a work of art (jpg)

James Macri a work of art (jpg)

Shannon Rutter a work of art (jpg)

4th Grade

Ava Quigley a work of art (jpg)

Catherine Rutter a work of art (jpg)

Domenic Azzarello a work of art (jpg)

Ella Biundo a work of art (jpg)

Sophia Siniscalchi a work of art (jpg)

5th Grade

Alessia Ferrante a work of art (jpg)

Ava Fagoni a work of art (jpg)

Leonard Bilali a work of art (jpg)

Mia Dennis a work of art (jpg)

Miacamille Garcia a work of art (jpg)

6th Grade

Alexander Jones a work of art (jpg)

Amiel Garcia a work of art (jpg)

Anthony Todaro a work of art (jpg)

Khushi Patel a work of art (jpg)

Laila Hagan a work of art (jpg)

Matthew Rawson a work of art (jpg)

Nicole Kindja a work of art (jpg)

Ryan Schnur a work of art (jpg)

Samuel Rivera a work of art (jpg)

Space Shuttle Columbia School

5th Grade

Angel Tsuei a work of art (jpg)

Angelika Brodsky a work of art (jpg)

Armando Catania a work of art (jpg)

Brian Chrzanowski a work of art (jpg)

Diana Dzhidzhora a work of art (jpg)

Dylan Cao a work of art (jpg)

Eliana Perry a work of art (jpg)

Eva Wu a work of art (jpg)

Gabriel Gosk a work of art (jpg)

Gabriella Christian a work of art (jpg)

Guadalupe Tenantitla a work of art (jpg)

Jason Frani a work of art (jpg)

Jordan Pacheco a work of art (jpg)

Joseph Frias a work of art (jpg)

Julia Sniadowski a work of art (jpg)

Katrina Wu a work of art (jpg)

Lukas Liang a work of art (jpg)

Maya Woloch a work of art (jpg)

Melen Rudman a work of art (jpg)

Natalia Chrapusta a work of art (jpg)

Nathanael Guzman a work of art (jpg)

Noah Nidhan a work of art (jpg)

Obehi Emode a work of art (jpg)

Renee Chen a work of art (jpg)

Safari Jackson a work of art (jpg)

Skyler Erie a work of art (jpg)

Unique McMullen a work of art (jpg)

Vincenzo Abbrusseze a work of art (jpg)

The Barbara Esselborn School

3rd Grade

Aaditya Gala an essay (docx)

Aiden Kosubevsky an essay (docx)

Alyssa Duran an essay (docx)

Benjamin Blumen an essay (docx)

Danielle Ekomoni an essay (docx)

Frank Esposito an essay (docx)

Greg Meved an essay (docx)

Julia Roffelson an essay (docx)

Selene Shresta an essay (docx)

Victor Khobot an essay (docx)

Victor Pelkowski an essay (docx)

Victoria Folmer an essay (docx)

The Michael J Petrides School


Genevieve cotto a work of art (jpeg)

5th Grade

Joseph Tafuri an essay (jpeg)

The PS 3 Margaret Gioiosa School

2nd Grade

Anthony Sinisi an essay (pdf)

3rd Grade

Benjamin Mekhail a poem (doc)

Damian Imbriale a poem (jpeg)

Jake Giuffre an essay (jpeg)

Jimmy Freedley a work of art (jpeg)

Joaquin Olivares a poem (pdf)

Lia Malandro a poem (docx)

Olivia DiTizio a work of art (jpeg)

Richard Leto a work of art (pdf)

5th Grade

Adam Hassan a poem (pdf)

Ahmed Matani a work of art (png)

Alexander Papagni an essay (pdf)

Alexandra Shuster an essay (docx)

Alyssa Ricciardi a poem (pdf)

Andrew Eisen a poem (docx)

Anthony an essay (pdf)

Anthony Papagni an essay (pdf)

Ariana Avallone a poem (pdf)

Arianna Visone an essay (docx)

Ashley Scott an essay (pdf)

Aundrea Crispino a poem (docx)

Aurelia James an essay (docx)

Ava Aizenberg an essay (docx)

Ava Stissi an essay (docx)

Ava Tolendini an essay (pdf)

Ava Ugalde a poem (pdf)

Bredy W. a poem (doc)

BRIANA VUGELMAN a work of art (jpg)

Cameron Goldman an essay (pdf)

Chace Cambria a poem (docx)

Choudary Ammar Asad a poem (docx)

Christian Macri an essay (pdf)

Christian Papandrea an essay (pdf)

DAMIAN MARSH an essay (pdf)

Daniel a poem (docx)

Darren Ku an essay (docx)

Dominick D'Orazio an essay (jpeg)

Dominika an essay (docx)

Dylan Leto a work of art (pdf)

Ella Imbriale a poem (jpeg)

Emil Metovic a poem (pdf)

emily murdukhayeva an essay (pdf)

Evelyne Song an essay (pdf)

Gregory Loscalzo an essay (pdf)

Hudson Tierney an essay (pdf)

Isabella Koyfman an essay (pdf)

Isabelle Schoneveld a poem (pdf)

Jaclyn Crockett an essay (pdf)

Jai Auluck a work of art (jpg)

Jake Malandruccolo an essay (docx)

Jasin Skretovic a poem (docx)

Jayson Hart a poem (docx)

Jeremiah Carlucci a poem (docx)

Jessica Orfin a poem (pdf)

JILLIAN LAWRENCE an essay (pdf)

Joseph Grigoli an essay (pdf)

Joshua Nichols a poem (pdf)

Katelyn Marants a poem (docx)

Larry Merrill a poem (pdf)

Leo Mantzioros a poem (pdf)

Lola Grace an essay (docx)

Loriana Tubiolo an essay (docx)

Luigi Stanzione an essay (pdf)

Madison Robles an essay (jpg)

Makayla Sekerka an essay (docx)

Maryam Hussain an essay (docx)

Matthew Scalisi an essay (docx)

Matthew Tristano an essay (docx)

Mia D'Amico an essay (docx)

Mia Funez an essay (pdf)

Michael Curreri an essay (docx)

Mila Szubart a poem (docx)

Mohammed Shehadeh an essay (pdf)

Nicholas Leonardini an essay (pdf)

Nicholas Parlanti an essay (pdf)

Nicollette Yost a poem (docx)

Noah Feldman a poem (pdf)

Paul Arndt an essay (pdf)

Richie Cannava an essay (pdf)

Samantha Rakauckas a poem (pdf)

Sarim Mumtaz a poem (docx)

SHACHI BODALIA an essay (docx)

Sophia Carnato an essay (pdf)

Thomas Schembre an essay (pdf)

Tristan James Levin an essay (pdf)

Valentina AMico a poem (jpg)

Vincent amico an essay (jpeg)

Yassein Barakat an essay (pdf)

The PS 35 Clove Valley School

5th Grade

Ashley Mendoza a work of art (pdf)

Charlotte Ratel a poem (pdf)

chenova an essay (docx)

Chenova Wickremaratne an essay (pdf)

Danielle Harrell an essay (pdf)

Emma Moroz an essay (pdf)

George Mallon an essay (pdf)

Juliana Pupello an essay (pdf)

Keira Skonieczny a poem (pdf)

Maya Castelli a poem (pdf)

Naomi Navarria an essay (pdf)

Olivia Tarbell an essay (pdf)

Riley Britton a poem (pdf)

Riley O'Hanlon an essay (pdf)

Simona Caravello an essay (pdf)

Victor Chilleli an essay (pdf)

The Ps 56 Louis Desario School

4th Grade

Angelina Mavricos an essay (pdf)

Nicolas Donahue a work of art (pdf)

Nicolette Piscitelli a poem (jpeg)

Riley Geoghegan a work of art (jpg)

Stella Wilton an essay (docx)

Youssef Mena an essay (docx)