2022 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Andrew J. Lanza

2022 Submissions

Is 7 Elias Bernstein

8th Grade

Nicholas Friscia an essay (pdf)

Our Lady Help Of Christians School

7th Grade

Alexander Penrose an essay (pdf)

PS 1 Tottenville

5th Grade

Abigail DiGregorio a work of art (jpg)

Aiden Cohen a work of art (jpg)

Aliyana Torres a work of art (jpg)

Blake Pagan a work of art (jpg)

Caiden Justesen a work of art (jpg)

Camila Cordova a work of art (jpg)

Cesario Lopez a work of art (jpg)

Cole Cataldo a work of art (jpg)

Deenuja Lanza a work of art (jpg)

Gabriela Bardales a work of art (jpg)

Gia Squarciafico a work of art (jpg)

Gianna DiCristina a work of art (jpg)

Giuliana Romano a work of art (jpg)

Grace Knudsen a work of art (jpg)

Jael Lopez a work of art (jpg)

John Paul Nguyen a work of art (jpg)

Jonathan Vorobeichik a work of art (jpg)

Joshua Glikman a work of art (jpg)

Luca Fracchiolla a work of art (jpg)

Maria Demianova a work of art (jpg)

Mason Bergen a work of art (jpg)

Melany Garcia-Hernandez a work of art (jpg)

Nicolette Umbra a work of art (jpg)

Nicolette Umbra a work of art (jpg)

Sam Rojas a work of art (jpg)

Thomas Sciortino a work of art (jpg)

Veronica Sciortino a work of art (jpg)

Vida Gutierrez a work of art (jpg)

Yaseen Elsokary a work of art (jpg)

Yaseen Elsokary a work of art (jpg)

PS 11 Thomas Dongan School

5th Grade

Aiden Ljubanovic an essay (docx)

Alexis Cano Palafox an essay (docx)

Angel Rodriguez an essay (docx)

Ardit Prrini an essay (docx)

Arlet Moran Sosa an essay (docx)

Bianca Gonzalez an essay (docx)

Chikeo Baker an essay (docx)

Daniel Hickey an essay (docx)

Diana Toshi an essay (docx)

Dylan Jiang an essay (docx)

Erion Toshi an essay (docx)

Hailey Corona an essay (docx)

Henna Maham an essay (docx)

Jacob Baez an essay (docx)

Jana Almathil an essay (docx)

Jaslyn Perez an essay (docx)

Jason Rudi an essay (docx)

Kamiyah Norwood an essay (docx)

Karima Rashed an essay (docx)

Karina Anglaeva an essay (docx)

Karly Yuan an essay (docx)

Keisha Serrata a work of art (jpg)

Kristina Rivera an essay (docx)

Louis Athas an essay (docx)

Luca Salzar an essay (docx)

Maria Ortiz an essay (docx)

Milana Pushak a work of art (jpg)

Mohab Ibrahim an essay (docx)

Mohammad Awada an essay (docx)

Noor Dubeik an essay (docx)

Ramirio Mendoza an essay (docx)

Richard Rinelli an essay (docx)

Samantha Findley an essay (docx)

Sarah Ooboussalham an essay (docx)

Sithum Udugampola an essay (docx)

Sunny Wu an essay (docx)

Tristan Treece an essay (docx)

Watin Qasim an essay (docx)

Xamirah Carlos an essay (docx)

PS 42 Eltingville


Emma Costanzo a work of art (jpg)

Michael Pasquale DePrima a work of art (jpeg)

1st Grade

Emily Vitale an essay (pdf)

2nd Grade

Brody Gerber a work of art (jpg)

3rd Grade

Adrian Gonzalez an essay (pdf)

Michael Lucas Desatnick an essay (pdf)

5th Grade

Olivia Milone an essay (pdf)

PS 55 Henry M Boehm

4th Grade

Alexa an essay (docx)

Christopher Friscia a poem (pdf)

Christy an essay (docx)

Gia an essay (docx)

John an essay (docx)

Liliana an essay (docx)

Lucie W an essay (docx)

Madison an essay (docx)

Quentin an essay (docx)

Vincent an essay (docx)

Saint Christopher School

1st Grade

Everleigh McGoff a work of art (jpg)

McKayla Sullivan a work of art (jpg)

2nd Grade

Ellie Esposito a work of art (jpg)

Francis Repoli a work of art (jpg)

Joseph Rodriguez a work of art (jpg)

Monica Almodovar a work of art (jpg)

7th Grade

Alessia Marino a work of art (jpg)

Isabella Pisani a work of art (jpg)

Madison Moore a work of art (jpg)

Marissa DiMattei a work of art (jpg)

Staten Island Hebrew Academy

1st Grade

Ava Schwartzman a work of art (jpg)

Brittany Sanders an essay (jpg)

Ella Rayburn a work of art (jpg)

Emmy Garber a work of art (jpg)

Gadi Amos an essay (jpg)

Moses Belyakov a work of art (jpg)

Navah Hecht an essay (jpg)

Navah Hecht a work of art (jpg)

Sophia Raytburg a work of art (jpg)

3rd Grade

Aaron an essay (jpeg)

Ari an essay (jpeg)

Brianna an essay (jpeg)

Jaiden an essay (jpeg)

Joseph a poem (jpeg)

Lev a poem (jpeg)

Raquel an essay (jpeg)

Zachary an essay (jpeg)

4th Grade

Amit an essay (jpeg)

Daniella a poem (jpeg)

Ella a poem (jpeg)

Gal a poem (jpeg)

Lielle a poem (jpeg)

Mira an essay (jpeg)

Noah an essay (pdf)

Ryan an essay (pdf)

Sarit a poem (jpeg)

5th Grade

Abigail Azaraev a poem (jpg)

Ariella Ilishayev an essay (jpg)

Avraham Landsmen a work of art (jpg)

Benjamin Shindelman an essay (jpg)

Ethan Elkaiev an essay (jpg)

Jacob Khaimov an essay (jpg)

Joshua Applebaum a poem (jpg)

Leah Yakobzon a poem (jpg)

Lia Amos an essay (jpg)

Matthew Kipnis an essay (jpg)

Mayaan Malka an essay (jpg)

Mia Factor a poem (jpg)

Sarina Ilishayev an essay (jpg)

Tanya Shutman an essay (jpg)

Zohar Zadok a poem (jpg)

6th Grade

Abigail Jaffe an essay (pdf)

Ariella Khaimov an essay (jpg)

Ariella Shein an essay (pdf)

Benjamin Jaffe a poem (pdf)

Brandon Sanders an essay (jpg)

Diane Ashraf a poem (pdf)

Elior Factor a poem (jpg)

Ella Dery an essay (jpg)

Ethan Shenkman an essay (jpg)

Hanna Kimerling an essay (jpg)

Israel Hanuka an essay (jpg)

Jeremiah Akiva an essay (jpg)

Joshua Nikolayevskiy an essay (jpg)

Matthew Belyakov an essay (jpg)

Oren Hecht a poem (pdf)

Sima Leah Nierman an essay (jpg)

Taila Badalov a poem (pdf)